Exchange report - incoming students
Princeton University
Home university: Université de Lausanne
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn and spring semester 2014/2015
Name: Anne Carole Godat
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I got picked up by a KI student in the city. She told me which bus to take from the airport and went to pick up my keys for my student room in the KI housing.
The first week were filled with Swedish class and introduction days where we could meet many other exchange students and got introduced to the Swedish fika and got all the information we needed.
Everything was being specially prepared for us and I've rarely felt so welcome.
'Dinky' Station in Princeton


I applied on the KI housing website and got a room in Pax. All I had to do was fill in a form and all was being taken care of.
In a city like Stockholm it is very difficult to find an affordable accommodation that still is centrally located.
I have been very happy with my living arrangements and it is a good place to meet many people from all over the globe as well.
Whitman College

Leisure time and social activities

MF organizes many fun activities as well as global friends. Great options
New York City


My university has sent students to KI for several years and they have always come back with many amazing stories and memories. The exchange program here at KI has thanks to those students a really good reputation back home and many students compete for the few places we get every year to come here.
Not only does KI offer an education on a very high level but they also take care of their exchange students. Organized accommodation, pick up service and a Magdalena Palmqvist who replies to all questions in no time!
US Embassy Stockholm

Courses during the exchange period

D8XX01 : Clinical Medicine - Surgery
Wonderful course. My personal highlight. We were very well introduced to the Swedish students and integrated through out the whole program. The teachers were motivated and I learned many useful techniques.
D10X01 : Clinical Medicine - emphasis on reproduction and development
I was a little disappointed, especially from the paediatric part of the course. Compared to the surgery course, they didn't integrate us as much and many of the rotations weren't very helpful
DVKX01 : Medical Development in Sweden/Europe
Very interesting combination of students from all over and great challange to combine these different backgrounds to work together on a shared project.


All in all i had a wonderful year in Stockholm and I would choose it again in a heartbeat. 
I would chose a different combination of classes in order to better match my program at home.
Princeton University

Language and Culture

Life is a lot easier with some swedish knowledge

Studies in general

The atmosphere is very friendly. You call your supervisors by their first names and everything can be discussed. 
Fika is most important and they encourage meeting and making connections a lot.
Sometimes it seems a little slow, especially compared to what I have been used to at home.
Lewis Library