Exchange report - incoming students
Utsikt över staden
Home university: Arcada
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2014/2015
Name: Cassandra Engblom
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I had troubles finding where the keys where located and didn't get any help from people passing by, so a bit badly adviced. I didn't almost have anything to do with the student health centre, expect for the MRSA-test. Don't have any info about it.
Prekliniskt arbete. Detta var under vårat "nivå-test"


It was more or less as the info on the KI Housing website had written about the rooms etc. I applied through KI Housing. I think the standard and costs was ok, not good nor bad. 
Vårat gemensamma kök på Dawson Hall

Leisure time and social activities

I did participate in some activities MF organized, my plan was to get more involved, but so much was happening already back at the accomodation and with the other exchange students. I think some of the students enjoyed the International Committees programs and activities, me myself didn't participate much. I think some of the information was very good and clear but some of the MF's was harder to find or get informed of. I made a bunch of Swedish friends from my courses and from elsewhere.
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I chose to go on exchange because I wanted to see how the physiotherapy program is in an other Nordic country and KI because it's on a University level and back home it's on an other level. I think the information is available but reaches best the persons who really had made an decision of wanting to go. But general information was a bit poor regarding the courses and how my studyprogram would look like. And when I'm thinking backwards, you really learn how everything rolls just by doing and trying to fit in. I did a MRSA-test and didn't have to get vaccinated, just to fill in the dates of some vaccinations.

Courses during the exchange period

1SY014 : Health Promotion
I did'nt really know what to expect, because I think there was poorly info about it. But in summary the course was too wide with a lot of subjects, teachers and all the deadlines. Not easy to follow during the course and also 'ping-pong' that was used was hard to understand, everyone just assumed I knew everything when I didn't, I tried to ask for help from my classmates, but a course in how-to-use-pingpong would have been great. Even the fact that a lot of the lectures was mandatory AND all the big projects was just too much. A suggestion to some of the assignments is to do it in pairs. And maybe think and focus on what's relevant for us and really put energy on the parts we can implement right a way and become a better physiotherapist with.
SJG013 : Psychosomatic physiotherapy
For me it was 10weeks of clinical rotation/ 3xweek with a touch with theory for the practical doing. I had 3 supervisors, one for each day, so that was one part that made it difficult for me to find a rythm. I learned a lot of these area of physiotherapy because it was something completely new for me. It was hard though to know what and how much was expected from me because all the supervisors had such different levels for my learning and doing. It was also challenging with only the 3 days/week and also doing a lot of other assignments and participating in an extra course my teacher wanted me to take a part of.
På Barkintine clinic


I think it has been an exciting and fun period. I think I really benefit from my Swedish as mothertongue, so it made communation a bit easier. In the beggining there where a lot of confusion about the dates and times for me to be where and I even got confused with some other girl by the same name. And the sad part was it felt no one knew anything when I tried to ask people. And it made me super frustrated and I almost regreted coming when it seemed nothing will work for me. But after all it did and I've learned so much! Both from the Swedish way of studies and everything that comes with it. And I've also grown myself and had some good life lessons to really look after yourself and be in such big charge of your life to say.

Language and Culture

My mothertoungue is Swedish and my courses where in Swedish, so no need for language course. 
Precis innan vi skulle observera på operation

Studies in general

I was suprised how devided the courses were, I had couple days of clinic, then some days theory and all of the sudden 1 week break from the clinic and then again back. And also the fact that there where a lot of other assignments to do at the same time with the clinical rotation. I think the cooperation between Karolinska sjukhuset and KI was poor, no one knew about stuff regarding my passing ID's etc. It took me and a lot of other peoples energy and extra time to figure out how to get the practical things working. I think it was easy to reach the teachers and supervisors, I got positive suprised about the easy way to connect and find a good relationship.
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