Exchange report - incoming teachers
Studenter på Sultan Qaboos University Hospital i Oman.
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Duration: 23
Name: Andrew Mubangizi
Email address:


<p>My accommodation was arranged with the University Accomodation Center AB by the KI International Relations Unit staff, notably Kristina Jesinkey, International Coordinator. I was booked at a flat in Rostullsbacken area near Tekniska hogskolan. I think Grade of accommodation was 75% as I had no concerns about the housing. However, the cost of living seemed averagely high, for now I have no tangible ways I suggest to to keep costs low for I was new in the area and country probably I did not have information about cheaper supermarkets and shops. As for links, I did not have any links.</p>

Language and Culture

<p>Teaching was in English language. There was some language as especially computer icons being in Swedish as well as sign posts in the city of Stockholm. Swedish culture is free and welcome, people cherish dignity and hardworking.</p>

Leisure time

<p>Yes, there were social activities arranged like mingle party, buffets at work and staff homes.</p>


<p>Exchange should continue especially in staff development and research to promote sustainability.</p>

Other activities

<p>During my stay at KI, I carried out the following activities: Preparing lectures and teaching students in CBHR course. Assessing and examining students in CBHR course. Evaluating the CBHR course with KI colleagues through joint meetings with students, thereby writing evaluation memo and sending it to colleagues via email.Attending clinical presentations by KI hospital staff and researchers. Participation in exchange/collaboration meetings with KI colleagues in the divisions of Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy. Meeting clinical supervisors of Exchange students. Participation in curriculum fora/sessions to formulate OT degree program for Ugandan Occupational Therapists, at BSc/MSc level.</p>


<p>Through the Ugandan Coordinator of Teacher exchange; Julius Kamwesiga, Program Director/Head of Occupational Therapy School, Paramedical Traininig Schools, College of Health Sciences-Makerere University, the partner institution in Linnaeus -Palme Exchange programme. I prepared myself by processing my passpor and visa and importantly preparation and organisation of my lecture notes and information, including searching for data and taking photographs and writing draft notes for my lecture sessons in Community based rehabilitation. I also prepared my self culturally by reading and searching on the internet about the Swedish people, culture and nation which I found interesting. About useful links, the question seem unclear. I however, do not know any the link probably I used the internet google search.</p>


<p>I have been greatly influenced personally and hope to change. for instance use of internet for research, respecting culture in practice, emphasizing evidence based practice. What was good was time keeping and management of the Swedish people and government systems, like good internet connection with library on the net. What seemed not good was the short time, three weeks, in which the teacher to get oriented and participate in exchange activities; At least four weeks are better if possible.</p>


<p>The teaching activities and sessions in KI, Sweden were learner-centred and problem based learning methods. Students/learners were largely active in their lerning sessions and activivities as opposed to how it is done in Uganda. At Makerere University, there problem learning approach but the Lecturers take a central role to a great extend, simplifying further the activivities of the learners. And at the same time, to a great extent lecture methods of learning/teaching are used. A big contrast is the Assessment and Examinations; in KI no much of written final examinations but individual Courseworks/assignments, group discussions and presentation, with scores of pass, fail, Excellent, Good, Fair and poor while in Makerere university there is a great use of doind written tests and examinations scorinng by means of marks in percentages. Teacher/Student relationships is very good in KI-Sweden as compared to MU-Uganda where the Teacher is kind of a 'boss'. As for patients, relationships with the care providers is similar.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>While at KI, I spent 15-18 teaching hours per week in lessons/seminars (50%), individual supervision teaching (30%), other activities like attending clinical presentations and social functions (20%).</p>