Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Spring semester 2014/2015
Name: Clare Bukirwa
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The idea of pickup service is good, we were met by a student at the airport who helped us arrange for transport to our residence. I also went to the student health centre and the nurse was very welcoming, she attended to me even though the centre was supposed to be closing for holiday, that was nice. 


I applied for housing through the UAC and got my second choice of accommodation, the cost was a bit high but the standard  was great . I was impressed.

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in many activities; at KI,  I was given a book full of discount tickets to different places for students, and a guide about social life in Sweden  and there were so many summer activities everywhere for everyone, so i had a really great time. My friends were mostly fellow exchange students and a few Swedish people. If i had come during the semester when KI students are around, perhaps i would have made more Swedish friends


Exchange programs provide a great opportunity to broaden and also share ones knowledge, not only in the medical field but also other aspects of life. It is an opportunity one should not miss especially when given the chance like i was. My home university has established exchange programs with several other universities but i chose KI because it ranked highest among them and i wanted an experience from it. I received a lot of information from KI regarding the program which was great and some information from Makerere University. I was required to screen for MRSA  and treat if needed, no other certificates were required    

Courses during the exchange period

ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
The course was nice. I rotated on the observation, cardiology, endocrinology and emergency wards, each for a week . I observed and participated in different procedures like PCI, pacemaker placement,echocardiography, bone marrow aspiration , arterial blood gas taking and others most of which are not readily accessible at home. Very few of the patients could speak English but the other doctors were more than willing to translate for me, so i was able to participate in patient management fully. I loved the experience and also got lessons that will definitely make me a better doctor. I loved the fika between ward rounds too.


I had a really great time, the contact persons were very nice, both at KI and at sodersjukhuset. I wish it had been a bit longer because there was so much to do and learn.  

Language and Culture

I dint participate in any Swedish language course, I stayed for only one month and had a lot to do with in that short time. I learnt some few words from people; tack!, hej and a few others

Studies in general

I did a clinical rotation in internal medicine, my supervisors were nice and so were the patients. I interacted with the patients through translation mostly.The study environment is very friendly as the supervisors are nice and understanding, study material is readily available and enough time is given for all activities. The staff at KI are very nice, easily approachable, understanding and very helpful. The relationship between staff and students is way better at KI. There is better team work at the hospital between the different care providers and different disciplines when consulted. The wards have less patients so they are given more time which is good.Hospital equipment is also readily available and readily accessible to all patients unlike back at home. I learnt more about good team work, responsibility, proper patient care.