Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: T.E.I. Athinon
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn and spring semester 2014/2015

Arrival and registration

I think that it would be better to send together with the man that took us from the airport also a car. It is really tiring and exhausting after three hours of flight and at night in a foreign country to carry by feet 3-4 suitcases by feet!!!!The indtroduction day was really informative! As far as the health care center is concerned you need to enrich the medical team... Two incidents happened to me during my staying and there were no doctors that could help me,, they sent me to a private medical team in stockholm. it was not clear what are my rights as foreign student and where could i get medical help!


Even though that i made the arrangements really early i went to my last choice! And i have to say that all your choice were too expensive. yes, I applied through your ki. housing!

Leisure time and social activities

Even though i Had applied for buddy some months before i coming they informed me after 2 month in being in Sweden that they don't have someone to send me!


Because it is a great opportunity for exchanging knowledge! I know that Ki is on of the best universities in Europe for medical professions! I can say that all this procedure is really time consuming and confusing. I think the 2 departments should cooperate better! Yes before my practical training i had to take an mrsa test!  
Bild 1. Vaccination/antikroppar som krävdes för ansökan till Monash (ej visum).

Courses during the exchange period

EAR001 : Clinical rotation 1 for exchange students - occupational theraphy
I loved this reahabilitation center. it was like being in a family! I saw and i learned a lot of things. I had the chance to have my own patients and the freedom to try new stuff! My supervisor was perfect concerning her knowledge and her try to build a good relationship with her student. I wish i was more weeks in this placement that in the hospital. Finally they really care for their patients it is still a medical center not a business-factory as the hospital.
EAR002 : Clinical rotation 2 for exchange students - occupational therapy
I am not really satisfied from this practical training!! I was in place that was inappropriate for a foreign student that couldn't speak swedish. My patients were really old and with neurological problems so they couldnt' speak english. So I couldn't do anything alone! The result was my supervisor to grade my as good because i was not independent as the swedish students. As you can understand this really unfair because i did't have the chance to do things and i was also low graded for this even though it was not my mistake. And i have to say that my supervisor didn't really spent time with me.... I had to ask every single one the department every day in order to go with someone and see finally something!And the were also days that we didn;t see patients even though that they were waiting for us
AT1X01 : Community and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives
It was really nice and interesting! We saw ot-pt and stp through a wide and international scope! The only thing that i want to say is that some of the presentation should be more focused and not too general! This also concerns the final assignment was really confusing for us to understand the final structure!


Yes i would to give some options and be the one that should choose were i want to do my practical training according to what i like and the distance between the housing and the placement!

Language and Culture

No i did't have the time to also participate in the course!

Studies in general

There were a lot of similarities between the 2 countries as  far as the  level of knowledge is concerned. But i really liked the technological equipment that you have and the communication through ping pong...but you should inform us better about that in the introduction day.