Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universitetet i Bergen
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2014/2015

Arrival and registration

I did not attend the introduction day or the arrival arrangements since I lived in my own apartment. The student health centre was easy to contact and to get the MRSA-testing done.
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I lived in my own apartment.
Graduate residence - student bostad

Leisure time and social activities

I have my own network in Stockholm, so I did not participate in any of the social programmes provided. Usually I was the only student at the ward I was in. 
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I chose to go to KI because I have my boyfriend in Stockholm and I love the city. I have had one exchange to KI earlier in my study, and I was very satisfied with the entire experience. I would like to work in Stockholm later on, so for me to have clinical rotation at at hospital in Stockholm was important for me.
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Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
I had surgery, where I had wished for four different departments that I got to be in. I was on week in an anestetiologic ward, which was very exciting. Here I learned to intubate with larynxmaske, tracheal tube, vent etc. This pass was a good intro to surgery period. However, it was difficult to find their place when they had different mentors and really had to find their own doctors to follow. The following week I was at the urologist, then an upper GI surgical department where I was much of central operation and had assisted in various operations. Here was one again prioritized over AT Läkare when it came to assisting the operations, which meant that it often got assisting in operations as much as you would. Here I could also choose how much I wanted to be with the department work, or whether I would be most central operation. Last week I was on the surgical emergency ward where I got put patients themselves. I was happy that I got such a broad perspective on both surgery and medicine at that I was on the receipt.
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
I started with 4 weeks internal medicine internship ("clinical rotation"). Here I had wished for 4 different ward-departments, and I got the ones I wanted. I got my own "handleder" that was my contact person on respective department, which had the responsibility of tutoring me and guided me that week. This was usually an AT läkare (intern) or ST-läkare (under specialization). I took part of the work as much as I wanted, I got access to Take Care, the Swedish journal system since I am norwegian, and I had the typical tasks such as journal writing, clinical report writing, referrals, monitoring of labs etc. Most often, I was responsible for some patients in the ward, which I had to take full responsibility for, but of course my tutor was always available if I had any questions or wonderings. A typical day began with morning-rounds with "overläkaren", the specialist on the ward, my tutor, nurses and me. Here I practiced on everything from history taking to practical exams. I also had to report my patients for the superior doctor so that he was updated on what happened to them. Then came the day with discharges / journal writing / remittances / labs etc. What I did was much up to myself and what I stated that I wanted / needed to learn/do. I got to do many exciting things and got to do very much myself, on my own. They were very concerned that students would get to practice their practical skills, and many times the students were given priority before AT läkarne. Clinical, practical skills I got to practice was lumbar puncture, blood gas, TEE, electrical conversions etc. I was the only student in the ward, so it was always time to teach things to me, something I very much appreciated. It was a very open environment among the various professions, which made me feel that I always could ask questions.


I was very happy with my stay and I felt that I got a good sense of how the swedish hospitals are run. I hope to come back again very soon!
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Language and Culture

I am norwegian, and therefor the language was not a problem. I was allowed to do everything the swedish students do and got access to the "Take care" journal system. 

Studies in general

I was very happy with my stay at Danderyd hospital. See "courses" for more information about my different courses.
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