Exchange report - incoming students
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Home university: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

The introduction day was very well organized and very useful for me. I got lots of information was reminded to important thins I didn't think about before. I liked the atmosphere at that day and the opportunity to make new friends. I would have liked to be shown a bit more around on the campus.

I had no contact with the student health centre.
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I applied for housing through the University Accommodation Center.  I liked the housing arrangements a lot. It was a good opportunity to get in touch with other students from all over the world.
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Leisure time and social activities

No, I did not participate in social programmes but I received many e-mails from the Global Friends programm which was well organized as far as I can assess that. I made a few Swedish friends but most of my aquaintances were Erasmus students.
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I choose to go on exchange because I wanted to improve my personal skills which will give me better choices in my future life. I wanted to discover a different perspective of Public Health and the way people in other countries deal with this topic. Furthermore I wanted to gain more knowledge about other cultures and find friends from countries all over the world.

I choose KI because of its good reputation for research and education.

I got many exchange information from my own university and from KI. There was always an available contact person which helped me a lot. I received lots of useful study abroad-information from KI after the application was finished.

I was not required to be vaccinated. I just had to proof that I have a health insurance.
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Courses during the exchange period

4FH027 : MHSP-Mental-Health Promotion 1
Very interesting topic but unfortunately not so many lectures were offered. Students had to gain most of the knowledge on their own.
F2XX09 : PHN - Public Health Surveillance in Europe
Very intersting and well organized course.
FN1X03 : PHN - Health Promotion in Nutrition and Physical Activity
Very intersting and well organized course. I enjoyed the practical work.
4FH029 : MHSP-Scientifically evaluated interventions aiming at preventing mental ill-health and suicide
I couldn't participate in the course since I couldn't get any information where the course takes place.


I liked the experience to study at KI a lot. All the time there was a very relaxed atmosphere and I enjoyed my stay in Sweden a lot.
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Language and Culture

I didn't participate in a Swedish language course since I already took one at my home university.
Drakflygning med en massa härliga singaporianer =D

Studies in general

Studying in Sweden was very interesting for me and differed a lot from Germany. Considering the way Swedish students study I got also lots of interesting insights in Swedish culture and traditions.

The relationship student-teacher was always very personal. Due to small course sizes the teacher really knew his audience and could act more individually with everybody. Students and teachers call themselves by their first name which makes the relationship even closer. The teachers gave me the feeling to be on an almost equal level with them.

On my home university we are not taught in full-time courses, but it was a real enrichment for me to experience this way of learning. The relationship beteween teachers and students is in most cases more superficial than at KI. Similar is the good distribution of knowledge and the development of specific skills.

Studying at KI in general was very good and I wouldn't have liked to miss that experience. Nevertheless teachers should sometimes be more available for the students or alternatively Erasmus stutends should be integrated better into a specific track. It wasn't easy to choose courses which were not overlapping since it is hard to find out which course belongs to which track.
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