Exchange report - incoming students
Kamel, ett ögonblick efter att jag har suttit av
Home university: Universitetet i Bergen
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2010/2011
Name: Yngvar Lunde Haaskold
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The introduction day was useful, but if you're a student from one of the nordic countries and speak Swedish some of the information might be unnecessary.  


Hired a flat in the city center. Found it at 
mitt rum

Leisure time and social activities

Got a lot of swedish friend from my class. I didn't follow any of the social activities provided for the exchange students.
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Karolinska have a great reputation as a medical university with highly skilled and motivated teachers.

The exchange information at KI's website was good and it was easy to get the information I wanted.

I did not have to take any vaccinations or bring any certificates. 

Courses during the exchange period

D10X01 : Clinical Medicine-Human reproduction, inheritance, development
The course focused a lot on clinical skills. As a student you were given responsibility for your own patient at a early stage in the course. Your communication skills at clinical skills were evaluated by doctors at the department. The theoretical part om the course was presented as class lectures or in small groups/work shops. The teachers were highly qualified and motivated.


I would highly recommend KI for exchange students. The administration are professional and always willing to help. The educations is at a high level. A superb university.   
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Language and Culture

Didn't take any language course since I'm Norwegian.
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Studies in general

Teachers/supervisors are friendly and motivated. Patients seems are at the most positive towards non-Swedish students. Fellow students were also friendly and made a great effort in including exchange students.  

The teachers focused a lot in clinical education, and the theory was kept at a minimum level. The students participated a great deal in the clinical work at the hospital.