Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Rigshospitalet i Köpenhamn
Study programme: Nursing (specialists)
Exchange programme: NordPlus
Semester: Spring semester 2015/2016
Name: Anita Marie Pedersen
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I on arrived a little later than most students, and I was very pleased to learn that a special introduction meeting had been arranged just for me.


I applied for housing trough the website and that was easy and strait forward. The problem was that it was not possible to get housing through the university since I came later, than most students and only stayed for six weeks. I was offered housing with short notice but had been fortunate to find private housing in the meantime through a Facebook group called "Lägenheter I Stockholm". Housing in general is very expensive and it is clearly landlord's market.

Leisure time and social activities

I was not able to attend any of the events, because I had evening shifts at the ICU. I have been very pleased with the invitations and the events have seemed like great fun.


I chose to do an internship at Karolinska, because the experience with intensive care to critically ill children will be a valuable tool in my future work. I know others, who have visited Karolinska and they spoke warmly of the exchange period. I was very pleased with the material, I received before hand. I normally live in Denmark, so I did not have to prepare much before takeoff or have any vaccines or certificates.

Courses during the exchange period

SSKPED01 : Child and adolescents health care - Clinical education
I attended clinical education at the Children's Intensive Care Unit at Astrid Lindgrens Barnsjukhus.I have been very pleased with my stay and the learning potential.


My general impression is very positive. I have learned so much and I love forward to apply this new skills in my daily work.

Language and Culture

I speak Swedish already, so I have not attended any classes.

Studies in general

I have mainly participated in clinical education and have learned very much. I have been with my contact nurse most days, and I have had great opportunity to see a broad variety of patients and conditions. We have discussed the underlying theoretical basis and I have had opportunity to work with growing confidence and independence. My Danish education is not hosted by a university in Denmark, and that made the application process a bit difficult, as we had to guess what would be the most likely level or course to attend.