Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Duration: 46
Name: Jeneen Panezai
Email address:,


Very comfortable accomodation. Location wise, also very ideal. no complaints....I would prefer the same place all over again.

Language and Culture

Undergraduate teaching was conducted in swedish but in the clinics the faculty was very helpful because all discussions were translated and we did not feel left out at any given moment. Communication ws not a problm since everybody could understand and speak english.

Swedish culture is a very civilised one. In my experience, I found swedish people to be very helpful, honest and approachable. Systematic, organised and calm!  it was a very pleasant experience

Leisure time

Nothing in particular but there were some kind dinners hosted by some faculty members. I beleive swedden has a lot of natural beauty and if visiting faculty are travelling in spring time, it would be nice to arrange something for the outdoors.


The exchange program was a great experience. I beleive , especially in the discipline of Dentistry, visiting teachers should try and interact with all departments and get a chance to explore Swedish system in this regard. Teaching, planning, curriculum, current mode of assessments and ofcourse discussions; these are ways to allow us to absorb and then compare our ways. it is highly beneficial.

Other activities

I attended PhD seminar series which was great. I also had a chance to discuss research possibilities with supervisors and infact am currently in the process of gertting registered as a PhD student. Fututre collaborations with KI would be very beneficial interms of research. The training and insight that a doctoral student at KI gets expoed to is something that can be expanded upon. I, for one, feel that I will have acquired a keener sense of quality research education and I aim to instill that in the dental science atmosphere here at home.


I came to know about it through the dental institute and hospital where I work ( Altamash institute of Dental medicine, Karachi). There was enough correspondance for myself and colleague to prepare fr the visit e.g visa documentation, accomodation arrangements etc was all done well in advance and very aptly. Quite impressive!



The experience was a positive one for me.An encouraging and calm attitude combined with thorough discussions inspired me a great deal. clinics in my home insitute are quite busy because it is a very populous ity so a high patient flow does not allow so much time for discussions but i would like that to be implemented.


I did not get a chance to conduct any lectures, however I supervised with the KI dental faculty in clinics. It was a very good experience. There was alot of supervision under which the student had to carry out dental procedures. The teacher to student ratio was also satisfactory as that meant that each student got a fair chance for a dialogue with their teahers rather than having to wait for very long periods. patients were well booked in advance which meant all students had work lined up.

Teaching hours

 We hasd a relaxed schedule and my colleague and I could chose which department to go to as supervisors therefore I cannot be sure of the %.