Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Duration: 31
Name: Muhammad Hasnain Sakrani
Email address:


Accommodation was arranged through university accommodation center.

it was of very good standard having all necessary facilities. was a very useful link

Language and Culture

Undergraduate teaching was in Swedish but postgraduate was in English.
i did not faced language issues as most of the people in contact were good in their English communications .

i had a great opportunity to witness Swedish culture and norms closely , there are differences in culture and norms if i compare from the place where i belong, but if u understand basic norms u can enjoy and interact in a better way.

Leisure time

As we arrived in Stockholm on very first working day we were invited for a dinner by Prof Malin.
 Than linneaus palme get together was also arranged which gave good meeting point and exchange vies from people around the world.

We were also invited by Prof Malin at her residence for dinner. that gave us chance to meet her family as well and to see norms of Swedish life.


it is a wonderful exchange program and should continue for other people to benefit from it .

Other activities

During my visit i had an opportunity to attend 2 workshop conducted for orthodontic residents ,one was on Growth and Development and other was on child psychiatry i am thankful to Prof Jan Huggare for incorporating me in it .

i also attended mid term seminar ...of one PHD student which gave me an insight how phd program is well structured  also had a change to witness nailing ceremony of PHD thesis in library ....thanks to Prof  Bj√∂rn Klinge .


As a faculty member Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine i came to know this opportunity as previously other colleagues have availed it .
in terms of materials yes i have done necessary preparations but i did not took any language course.


Visiting Karolinska in this exchange program was a great learning opportunity in my life.
i came across people arround the world learned a lot from leaders in profession and i can see improvement in my skills and personality.
As i am also postgraduate supervisor in orthodontics at Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine , this exchange program gave me chance to see similar program in orthodontic department in Karolinska  , i had comparison and i brought positive changes here at home.
I would like to than all faculty members and students in helping us feel relaxed there and supporting throughout my stay in Sweden.
i will always carry remarkable memories of this visit with me . 


it was a great opportunity to be part of teaching system  in karolinska institutet . faculty facilitated in our participation.

if talking about difference... in our university there are different departments like oral surgery , orthodontics, periodontology....and students have to move through all departments turn by turn learning that particular specialty in that time.whereas  in Karolinska student comes in dental department and treat patient and do all procedures required for that particular patient. i found this procedure good for patients as treating student develop good relationship with them.

i found very healthy good relationship between students and faculty here which is good for interactive learning.

Teaching hours

i was working from monday to friday for 6 weeks. As i had orthdontic background so i was given leverage to spend more time therein Orthodontics with the supervision of Prof Jan Huggare  and also in orofacial pain with Dr  Malin .
i was involved with undergraduate teaching as well as postgraduate teaching in orthodontics , all faculty members had very welcoming attitude and made me comfortable in the environment.