Exchange report - incoming students
University of Arizona, Tucson AZ
Home university: Univerzita Karlova
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2016/2017
Name: Tereza Zíbarová
Email address:

Arrival and registration

Since I sit in the airoplane, everything worked. I had every papers, every infomrations where to be, what time. How to get there...


I was on Jagargatan 20. I coudn't find the entrance :D but thanks for that, because during the sourching door I found best wiev of Stockholm during night near watter. I was absolutely fine with dorm, it was clean my room and keys were prepared. And with application I didn't have any problem. I think that the price was quite alright. It's Stockholm and I knew that this "trip" will be expensive for me anyway. So I had three jobs during the summer to be able to pay everything, but I am happy for that. And I don't feel sorry for any crons which I gaved into this.
Våran charmiga lilla fastighet som vi bodde i.

Leisure time and social activities

Yes, I tryed at school some activities, meetings. It was fun to met new people, free food.... I was always busy. Yes I have a lots of swedish friends, and also from whole world.


When I started study occupational therapy I knew that this is something for me. I always wanted to study something around health care. Actually study OT wasn't my first plan, but it's just happend and I figure out, that this is my way. From first year I knew that I wanna try to go for an Exchange program. I just knew it... And when I decide for something, there is no way back, because I am too headstrong...
The way was really hard... It was so complicated, in one door they told me, that i can go, in others I can't... It was like a bad circle... But I didn't give up! There was a lots of OT was closed for one year so I coudn't comeback to any class, or my subjects were differents than at KI and other problems with papers, rules... During my three years of study I search a lots of informations about KI, erasmus. I choose KI because its seems to me like best choice, and we didn't have much options. Honestly I don't wanna comment my faculthy... It was big fight. But at KI - it was the opposite. Perfect information in right time, everything was in simply english... English is a little bit problém for me as you can see from my writing :). Everything was perfect organised. And my coordinator Karina was patient and ncie to me in every emails.

Courses during the exchange period

EAR001 : Clinical rotation 1 for exchange students - occupational theraphy
I had great supervisor, she explained to me everything, I was in Arbeitformedlingen, which is something what we dont have inn my country. It helped me a lot to meet people, know little bit more about Sweden.
1AR017 : Interprofessional Clinical Education
This was the best clinical rotation, which I ever had! I learned so much about others doctors, nurses, physio... I had such a great team. It was absolutely amazing.
EAR004 : Analyses of literature from an occupational perspective
This was a big experience for me, it was quite hard subject for me... I wasnt sure how to do it, because it was different than in my country. But anyway the techer was patient to explain me again, hoe to write a better analyses and then I made it.
1EE083 : Clinical rotation for exchange students - Occupational Therapy
The other two clinical rotation I had on ward after braing damage.. It was great experience and everyone were so nice to me! I learned a lot how to work with patients.


I had best three months in my life. There is nothing what I will do differently, everything worked at KI, and during freee time I had so much fun
Tummen upp!

Language and Culture

On the beginning I had three days swedish course, it was fun, and I learned few useful swedish words. Its really great opportunity, thanks that KArolinksa do it somethong like this for Exchange students.

Studies in general

I was absolutely imprest by KI. The enviroment like really? Absolutely amazing! Everything tidy, perfect gym, nice classes, Absolutely amazing two campus. I used library so many time, I understood how it works. Just perfect. Teachers were so nice, patients too. Supervision was really good.