Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: The University of Sydney
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Autumn semester 2016/2017

Arrival and registration


I made private arrangements, however, an airport pick-up service is offered by KI.



Whilst there are various student accommodation options, I chose to book a studio apartment through Apart Direct which was ideally located in Vasastan, close to great restaurants, parks, beautiful churches and commuter train stations.Please note that travellers do book adjacent apartments for loud party weekends which may be disruptive to sleeping patterns when doing weekend shiftwork.


Travel is easy and fast in Stockholm due to an excellent public transport system! Trips can be planned by accessing with visitor information provided in English.Travel cards are economical and convenient.

Leisure time and social activities


I joined the FB page of Global Friends to stay in touch with arranged activities but did not participate in the end, due to private social arrangements.


Karolinska Institute has an esteemed reputation around the world, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in the KI/University of Sydney exchange program in November/December 2016. Sweden was a place I had long wanted to visit, so, imbued with curiosity regarding Scandinavia, including its health care system, I embraced the experience of a KI clinical placement, which was to cap off my Australian Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) degree.

Once accepted, I was in regular communication with the International Coordinator for Nursing exchange students, who provided me with plenty of useful information such as links to details on accommodation options, the pick-up service, MRSA screening and what to do in case of a medical emergency (call 112).

A meeting of introduction was scheduled, where I was subsequently to meet other exchange students, the International Coordinator (who gave us all handy KI backpacks) and the Academic Coordinator for my cohort, who ensured we all had functioning KI passwords, information regarding our placements and then gave us a tour of the Huddinge campus prior to a MRSA screening at the University Clinic.

Courses during the exchange period

1EE055 : Somatic Nursing
1EE055 : Somatic Nursing Advanced Nursing Care- Clinical Education In keeping with my preferences of Paediatrics and Emergency Care, I was placed for a fortnight each in the following clinical settings: Sachsska Sodersjukhuset (Paediatrics) and an Ambulansstation in Sodertalje. These clinical areas were highly relevant to my Nursing degree and gave me valuable and memorable experiences. Please note that in Sweden, hospitals supply and maintain nursing uniforms so only shoes are required. Upon the commencement of each shift, time is given to the reading of patient notes in order to update the incoming nurses on developments in patient care. These clinical placements allowed for the development of professional abilities in the areas of patient assessment, intervention and evaluation whilst contributing to a team work approach to health care. My clinical educators ensured I had as many learning opportunities as possible in a friendly, supportive environment.



My exchange period at KI was one of the most enjoyable professional experiences of my life. I was completely captivated by the beauty and wonder of Sweden and the playful humour and egalitarian nature of the Swedish people.The natural splendour of Sweden and the cultural treasures of museums, churches, music, art and design will lure me back there. I have been in communication with my on-site clinical supervisors since returning to Australia, who were instrumental in shaping this thoroughly rewarding experience. I would highly recommend it.

Language and Culture

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to participate in any of the Swedish language courses offered by KI during the exchange period, due to shiftwork, however, I would recommend that international nursing students make time to learn some Swedish prior to the exchange as all health care is delivered in Swedish. I did find that once I had been introduced as an Australian, many people then politely switched to English to ensure I was included in the conversation.

Studies in general


My exchange program was for a Clinical Placement only therefore I did not attend any lectures at KI apart from the Nobel Lecture, purely out of interest!