Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Christian Medical College, Vellore
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Duration: 22
Name: Dr. Jayarani Premkumar
Email address:


The accommodation was arranged through the international co-ordinator well a head of time.The accommodation site was at KI-Jagargaton 20,Apartment 6.We were explained about the terms and conditions before our arrival. The facilities available in the apartment was very good and convenient to stay during the 3 weeks period. The cost of living was affordable and though the climate during April was a bit unpredictable ,the heating system was excellent and we were able to live happily in the apartment.


Language and Culture

All faculty and students were able to understand english and so we didnot have any problems.However if teaching is conducted in English here it will be very useful for the hospital staff to explain much better .

Leisure time

 Social activities.

we had fruitful social activities arranged by the faculty of college of nursing.We had a city walk and travelled a lot   in the boats , train and bus which had given a lasting and unforgettable experience.We had tasted Swedish food at the best hotel in Slussein.Many important places were visitedsuch as hisorical chruch,parliament  areas and museams. The social visits highlighted the culture of Sweden and to know more about the  history of Sweden.


Over all experience:


The exchange program was an excellent opportunity for me to visit  one of the  oldest medical university at Sweden.It was my first visit to the  European country. This visit had given me a  chance to update my teaching experience and also to see the culture and appreciate the advancement in science and research activities carried out at KI. All facuty members were kept busy in writing research grants and reaserch work to meet the objectives.


Our Institution is proud to have collaboraion with KI and wish that the exchange program and the relationship established will continue for many years. The students and the faculty visit will establish interconnectedness and can connect through distance learning and e-learing.

 I was very happy and thank the KI for granting the Linnaeus-Palme scholarship to visit the world famous Institution.I was benefited a lot and gained  knowledge and could appreciate the health facilities available in Sweden

Other activities

The resources available at KI is very good and it will be good if we have a long term exchange program.This exchange program was an excellent means to have an in-depth knowledge about student teaching and various aspects related to  patient care. Many areas were visited such as, library,children hospital,community health center at Jackosberg,oncology wards, skills lab &simulation center, and ward k-72. The cilinical areas visited were excellent and all the health teams memebers were very helpful in orienting the faculty to the setup and had a very useful interactions regarding student teaching and patient care.

                 The distance learning program which is available in KI is very much useful and we had a detailed explanation of that programme(pingpong).


                The research activities and PhD prorgramme condcuted by faculty, college of nursing are commandable.The visit brought the institutions faculty to have a fruitful learning experience and encouraged us to have more collaborative studies in the future between the two institutions.


Christian Medical College(CMC) ,Vellore is a well known Medical Institution in India. The College of nursing is a part of the CMC,Vellore.Students from all parts of India and other country are enrolled to undergo nursing training. It is an unique Institution which has the vision as , CMC,Vellore seeks to be a witness in the healing ministry of Christ  through   excellence in education,service and research.The faculty in the college of nursing strive to instill the vision to all students who undergo the varied courses offered in the Institution.Our institution had been sending  faculty/students to various countries  to equip  each member to meet the  obejectives of the Institution. Faculty from Karolinska Institute(KI) and CMC exchanged their visits and shared their views.We, the College of nursing facuty were excited to visit KI to gain more knowledge and exhange views and ideas regarding the current  trends in treatment modalities and various pedagogicals used in teaching. We were prepared by KI- international co-ordinator,and college of nursing faculty about the visit to  KI at  Sweden and provided all the materials needed.



  •  This faculty exchange program had given me an insight and indepth awareness on the pedagogical  style used in teaching
  • It enlightened my critical  thinking to innovate new  ideas to prepare/ procure relevant resources for our teaching.
  • The very good aspect at KI is the simulation lab and the advancement of EMR and difficult to command about the less good because of limited period of  stay at Sweden.
  • All the clinical areas visited were equipped with all modern equipment which inspired me .
  • The home care, school health programme and the play therapy was excellent and motivated me to make relevant  educational materials to prepare our patients to understand the disease process and treatment .


The teaching activities were a bit different from our set up.We could see the state -of -the art skill lab with all modern equipment with 22 discussion rooms in Huddinge. I was able to see the faculty teaching  one student giving his full attention in the cilinical skills lab.There were other students in the rooms in pairs sharing and studying with the relevant manikins. In our setup in CMC, we do have a skill lab but not with the state of the art set up. The begining skills were taught in the skill lab however they will be placed in the clinical areas as per the clinical requirements.We do have a class room in all the clinical areas and our students learn with our real patients under the supervision of the teacher. We have not witnessed the teaching in the class room however we had a chance to talk to the students and exchange views.

Teaching hours

Teaching: Faculty at KI-college of nursing planned a schedule to meet all the objectives .It was 30 hours per week. Had 2 presentatations. During the presentation ,students and faculty were explained the health care delivery system of India and the community health care provided by our students and staff to the village people in Vellore District,Tamil Nadu,India.Many visits had been planned to see the health care delivery system in Sweden and the Home care of children with chronic illness. Sufficient time was allotted to learn from the library.The clinical visits and the time spent in the bedside was very useful. Health team members respected the patients' views and patients' rights were given more importance which is highly apprecited.