Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universitetet i Tromsø
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2016/2017

Arrival and registration

We arrived in the middle of the semester, so we didn't attend to the introduction week. We had a good first day, were some students and teachers showed us around.  


We applied for some private housing. It was really difficult to get anything since we only were going to stay for 3 months. The cost of the housing were quit high, but as aspected (and similar to home). We tried to get a location by applying on internet (, facebook) and asking friends. At the end we ended up with a really goog location thanks to help from KI. 
Jag och min chilenska mamma Mary.

Leisure time and social activities

I didn't attend to that many social activities arranged by Erasmus, since the Erasmus students in our class had weekly happenings (dinners, concerts, trips etc.). I made a lot of new friends, also Swedish.  


I wanted to get an experience from another dentistryschool.I choosed to travel to Sweden, and KI, that is known as a good and professional school. I also wanted to develop some new soft skills, such as adaptability, problem solving, curiosity, etc.
I may also enhance my future employability in my home country in common to build up a personal and professional network.

I think the information we got about the exchange program was good, even though we got some information a bit late. 

Courses during the exchange period

ETL001 : Comprehensive Care - with subject specific courses
We worked quit independent. We didn't have our own teacher to relate to, and could have as much as 5 different teachers comming by during one clinic. In compared to home, were we have our own teacher that follow us through the whole semester. I would like to have one/a few teachers that followed us closer and/or that we could talk to/discuss patient casus with. The emergency clinic was really good - wish we had something similar at home. We had most clinical courses and learned etc. CAD-CAM. Compared to home we had less clinic at KI.
ETL002 : Child and Adolescent Dentistry - Odontology
I really liked that we cooperated a lot and worked in pair in both pediatrics and orthodontics. I would loved to have some more patients, but all in all I'm quit happy. We worked most of the time independent without teachers involved, but if we asked for help they were really helpful. We haven't finished this courses at home, so the Swedish students had more knowledge about some themes (orthodontics).


I really enjoyed my time in Sweden. 3 months goes way to fast. I learned a lot, both related to clinics and about my self. In addition I got friends for life. 
Det är så värt det!

Language and Culture

I didn't attend to any language course, since I already understand Swedish fluently.  
Staden Valparaíso

Studies in general

The relation between teachers and students were all over very good and close. I would have liked to have a supervisor to relate to, but on the other hand it's great to have different teachers within the different courses since every teacher have their own opinion, trick and tip. I have attend new clinical skills and knowledge (etc. CAD-CAM), but also to work more independent and to use mye fellow students more for discussions before/after clinics. 
Hospital clínico de la universidad de Chile.