Exchange report - incoming students
Modell av Notre Dame i choklad, från en chokladbutik i Montmartre
Home university: University of Malawi
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2016/2017
Name: petro casten
Email address:

Arrival and registration

It was a very impressive arrival arrangement as I did not struggle in any way. I was warmly welcomed at the airport and escorted to the place of residence. It was really a marvelous welcoming arrangement that I would love others to be welcomed like the same. The global friends were just like sister and brother figures to me, they helped me alot by telling me where to buy goods and other assorted items.

The introduction was all well put and articulated that I didn't face any challenges for I already knew when to do what, where, with whom and for how long. It was really well structured and easy to follow. Global friends really played a magnificent role in introducing me to a number of areas at KI and entire Sweden at large. I already miss them.


The housing arrangement was also good because I didn't struggle in anyway. Yes I just did apply on UAC and it worked. The services offered were also just vibrant and satisfactory.

Leisure time and social activities

No I didn't take part in any social activity may be due to poor information flow.


I chose to go on exchange program so that I could deepen my knowledge on various aspects of my study program by comparing how elsewhere people of my discipline conduct themselves so that in the end I adopt important areas that I may start implementing in my home country because of their imperial importance. I also wanted to have a feel of how people live in various parts of the world. In addition I wanted to get an exposure so that I may find a chance to advance with my academic ladder by making myself known to the well-wishers to help me achieve my very longed for brain child of getting at least a masters degree when I finish my first degree. I therefore would like to appeal to everyone who may find favor in me to help me realize my dream by funding me for my education.

I chose KI because of its exceptional record on the international scene when it comes to producing quality graduates and the way it keeps the students. Additionally because it provides a very good platform to meet other students from various walks of life making interaction as easiest as possible.

I thought I would reproduce the exchange information and make it known to my fellow students in the home university so that even if they may not have an opportunity to go for an exchange program they might benefit through me and change the old ways of doing things. The plan was to make a presentation to the entire home institution on areas worthy emulating so that we go together with our friends in other countries in the way we care for our patients.

The information given by both home university and KI would be compared and intertwined for use depending on their applicability and feasibility all emanating from their scientific sound.

No I was neither vaccinated no required to bring vaccination certificates rather I was just screened for MRSA.

Courses during the exchange period

2EE109 : Clinical Rotation and Project work within Midwifery
The clinical rotation was good as I was allocated to good areas for learning which are rare in Malawi for example the ultrasound clinic. However the time allocated for delivery ward was not enough as it was only two days which only ended with orientation and I didn't conduct any delivery. The research course was good because it enabled me deepen my knowledge on how to come up with a good research proposal and also to develop good data collection tools. However I didn't know results of the examination that I was assigned to.


Generally it was a nice stay with KI in Sweden. One major request please offer exchange students an opportunity to come back to further their studies with KI when they are done with their home universities.

Language and Culture

No I did not take part.

Studies in general

I found the environment very conducive for learning because the student teacher ratio is just very good. The infrastructure for learning is really motivating. The teaching and learning resources are sufficient for individualized learning to take place.

The relationship between students and teachers is also good in the sense that students interact with teachers very well and teachers don't take themselves as the know it all, they recognize contributions made by students.

The relationship between students and patients was also good however there were some traces of patients who didn't like the student to be part of the team caring for them for their own personal reasons as such it was difficult to get knowledge on a condition whose patient didn't want presence of student. All in all it was their right but still more the qualified should always stress on the importance of including students in the care so that they become good patient carers .

The tendency of firstly putting theory into practice before going to the hospital was another strength that I noticed and must be kept up.