Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universidade de Lisboa
Study programme: Dental Hygiene
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2016/2017

Arrival and registration

Since that I didn’t arrive at the beginning of the semester I didn’t participate of the introduction day but the arrival arrangements provided by KI as KI buddy and a student from KI took me from airport to my KI housing was really nice. 


I applied for housing by KI Housing and I stayed at Jagargatan that was perfect for me.

I was quite cheap compared to the private housing in Sweden and it was really well located.

Everything was perfectly arranged between me and the KI housing.

And trust me you will make a lot of friends at Jagargatan. 

Leisure time and social activities

Please be part of social activities you will regret if you won´t make friends during exchange.

There is a lot of activities, cheap and well organized.

You will definitely make Swedish friends they only need their one space and time to get to know.


 First of all I chose to go on exchange because of the experience.

To go on exchange is not only about met new people, new places, to have a better education or even about CV upgrade. It´s also about improving yourself to open your mind to different realities and do you know better way to do it than being abroad without anything you know or sometimes understand?


Well, I think that is a hard question but the truth is that I really improved myself with this exchange program in so many different ways. 


What can I say about KI? It is one of the best university in Europe I think that is pretty enough. 


The exchange information given by my home university was really poor but otherwise the information given by KI was really helpful and timely. 

Courses during the exchange period

1OD005 : Organisation and leadership in health and oral health
This course had a high quality.


Everything was perfect if I had the opportunity again I would absolutely repeat it.

Language and Culture

I participate in a survival Swedish language course during the exchange it was helpful to greet people and have an idea of what people are saying around us. 

Studies in general

The studies at KI was super enriching and they have really good conditions.

The relationship between student and teacher is very supportive, the teachers helped me in everything I needed even with social events.