Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Kobenhavns universitet
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

I didnt go to the introduction day. because i arrived the day before school start. ┬┤Very goconyacy with health care centre


I applied for university accommodation and got a room, but i found a flat in the city myself.

Leisure time and social activities

Very good. yes I got swedish friends


I had a friend who recommented KI, and I alsohad friends of family who lives in stockholm. god information before going to KI.

Courses during the exchange period

ETL002 : Child and Adolscent Dentistry - Odontology
very good, alot of treatment. Alot of chlinic experiance. I lliked the way you book in your patients. No exams attented.
ETL001 : Comprehensive Care - with subject specific courses
very good same a above


I really enoyed very much KI I found it to be a very learning university with very high standard

Language and Culture


Studies in general

good study environment. I really liked the way the patient are treated. it is like a real dentist visit. In Denmark a patient is signed up for a specific assignment. It is also very good the way you book ind the patient depending on the type of treatment. in denmark you have den same teacher for the same patient. so it is only possible to treat the patient at the same time on the same day.