Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2017/2018
Name: Lea Lackermeier
Email address:

Arrival and registration

My first impression of KI? A very beautiful campus and amazing architecture of the Aula! The first days was full of meeting people learning about KI and Swedish. I already met most of my floor mates of my housing, this made it easier to connect with others.

I met my class mates on the first lecture day. I was supposed to meet them during the introduction days, but exchange and people doing the full degree there was separated - unfortunately.
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Luckily I got a place at KI housing. The room at Pax was spacious and the view from the ninth floor was breath taking. It also is happily located next to a little forest and a big lake inviting for walks and occasionally jogging rounds.

Leisure time and social activities

Honestly, I didn't participate immensely in social programs nor did I find they easy to spot. Anyhow I did a lot with friends from the floor and other Erasmus people. I made some Swedish friends from my course and with my Swedish buddy  
Från vänster: Miami beach, naturreservatet "Shark Valley", Universal studios i Orlando och solnedgången i Key West


The wish to go on exchange was there since my early bachelor degree. Unfortunately my it was not possible to do it at my bachelor University, as they did not offer them in possible variety. Therefore, I was looking for a special, beautiful country do to one semester during my Master Program. From the beginning, KI in Stockholm was on top of my list. The exchange coordinator at my home university of my Master was wonderful in taking time and planning and discussing the exchange with me. Likewise the exchange coordinator at KI was lovely and helpful with every question. I was required to proof certain levels of education which was perfectly fine.

Courses during the exchange period

4FH004 : HEPM and EP - Introduction to Public Health Science
From the introduction course I can't take home much. Most lectures were not connected to each other and very isolated or doubled. What I did enjoy was the group work really targeting health economics. Lectures from Nik however were excellent!
4FH052 : HEPM- Financing health and medical care
Financing was interesting and I learned a lot. The take home exam was long (7 hours) but fair. Clas was an excellent lecturer!
4FH050 : HEPM-Planning for health
The teacher and content of the course was great! I loved it. Additionally, the group work was sense-full and I feel I got an overview over the topic and know what is important there.
4FH051 : HEPM-Health systems and policy
Unfortunately, the organization and feedback of the course planning for health was horrific and demotivating. Exams over Christmas, an oral exam on the second of January where we had to be in school just to repeat what has been written on the other assignment. I felt unfair treated as some where allowed to change their submitted assignment after submission - some where not. Further, a lot of different assignments were asked to do almost simultaneously. Somehow earning 10 credits felt different in Financing than Health systems and policy. I felt stressed out over the whole period of time. There was no time reading the relevant literature or really working in the group work with all lectures beside and destructive feeding setting us back to the start without knowing what is wrong. Communication and Leadership skills in this course can be improved. I However, the topic itself is interesting and important - I'm sad it got so badly transferred.


Generally I think it was amazing organized and I had great support. I thought some courses were not matured but all in all in was a unforgettable experience. Mostly due to the amazing people I met there.

Language and Culture

I participated in an 3-day Swedish course and got some basics. Anyhow, during the normal life English is a good language to come around. I'm able to read a bit Swedish alone from seeing it a lot. I wish there would have been a longer swedish course
The picture shows a swedish fika. The traditional Coffee + Cake

Studies in general

the studies at KI was very interesting. Hearing and working for several weeks on one single topic was a bright experience.  Additionally, working in always changing, international groups was very stimulating. The view Swedish lecturers we had were amazing! There the connection between student and professor was more of a student and mentor or friend than clear hierarchical. 
Bild på gymmet på kliniken i Davie. (Jag har fått tillåtelse att publicera bilden)