Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Christian Medical College, Vellore
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Duration: 22
Name: Sundari Edwin
Email address:


<p>Regarding accommodation we were placed in Jagargatan 20 apartment. We were clearly informed about the door code number and other facilities. Accomodation was very good with all the needed cooking range and othercooking vessels and crockery needed for cooking. It was facing a beautiful lake. All the rules were spelt out very clearly so, there was no problem. Accommodation also had facilities for washing and ironing clothes.</p>

Language and Culture

All the classes & lectures were conducted in English while we were there. However students were talking to each other in Swedish language. Swedish culture could not be observed much however, I felt fathers play a pivotal role in caring and rearing up the children. 

Leisure time

<p>As it was raining and a day or two it was snowing too, hence I thoroughly enjoyed my stay over there. We were given a transport card with which we were able to travel by a ferry to many places close by for site seeing. We were taken to a nice Swedish hotel where we had yummy dishes which is memorable and enchanting leisure time. Enough social activities were planned. We went around the city, did a lot of shopping and visited important monuments like churches , emporium and so on.</p>


<p>Every faculty at KI is knowledgeable. Good to see most of the faculty are PhD holders and encouraging others to come up in their career. Willing to walk a mile for us. Very helping, in nature hospitable. KI is fortunate to have less population despite having a lot of medical leave benefits for the working pregnant women. Issuing of travel card was a boon to us. I immensely thank the international coordinator and program coordinators for making our trip feasible cherish able and a memorable one. I do thank the Linnaeus-Palme for giving me this scholarship. Thank you once again.</p>

Other activities

<p>We were able to visit many specialty areas in the hospital as well as in the community. I was thrilled to see the PICU at SABH, Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital KI, Solna. It was quite spacious with all the state of the art facilities. It was nice to know their hospital acquired infection rate, Ventilator associated Pneumonia rate and the mortality rate of that Pediatric Intensive Care unit which was much lesser than the set benchmark. We were introduced to Ping pong Web program which paves a good platform for distant program. We were able to see clinical skills and simulation center which had many mannequin. Students were able to practice on the mannequin and I feel it is a good way of learning and developing their skill. The experience I really liked the best was visiting children at their homes along with the community health nurse. She was competent in her skill for example along with her I visited two children. One child was diagnosed to have acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she initially developed a good rapport and subsequently connected chemotherapeutic drugs eventually won the full cooperation of the child. When we went to visit the next child, the child was found to be on blood transfusion which was almost getting over that was connected by the night duty nurse. It was amazing to see the children being taken care during their sickness round the clock by nurses at their homes. Glad to know their people-oriented health care delivery system. It was indeed a varied experience for me. They also enabled me to make a visit to Jakobsberg primary care set up. Detailed description was given about palliative care and geriatric care. It was nice to see the doctors, nurses, podiatrists caring for them so lovingly and caringly. Visit to pediatric oncology ward was an enriching experience. We were taken care of and welcomed by everyone wherever we went. We were able to discuss about the future collaboration with KI and it was strongly felt that Karolinska Institutet has a good platform for the exchange program of both faculty and students.</p>


<p>We were selected to go to Sweden Karolinska institute on Linnaeus Palme Teacher’s exchange program by the senior faculty of college of Nursing, Christian Medical College, Vellore. Trip was funded by Swedish Scholarship (LP) which covered travel,accommodation,and living expenses at KI. We were informed well ahead of time about our travel plans . International coordinator Informed every aspect very clearly. She also informed about the weather and about the importance of taking winter clothings along with us. I was fortunate as one of my colleagues accompanied me to Sweden hence, we were able to travel with out any anxiety as we were given a clear information. I was sent by my college. Before my visit to KI I had an opportunity to dialogue with the faculty from Sweden who came on the same exchange program. I got to know this place through my college.</p>


<p>I personally feel this exchange program was good. It enabled me to learn the educational, and health care system of Sweden. All the programs are being conducted in a strategic manner. Every one was time conscious. In future I hope and pray that we can also establish some home link programs for our children. Planning to copy some of the facilities which are feasible with in our limits for geriatric patients, for example bathing trolley, modified toilet with extra fittings and so on. Ping Pong distant learning topics can be transilated in English so that it can be an ideal platform to share and exchange our views. Above all the experience was satisfactory beyond expectation.</p>


<p>The program coordinator planned the program schedule as per our specified objectives. As soon as we reached KI we were welcomed and provided with a system with user ID. Regarding teaching activities, everything was planned well. Lecture hall was arranged with all the facilities. The faculty and students were punctual in coming for the class. Student teacher relationship was quite good. Faculty was competent in her subject. Students felt very free in clearing their queries.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>As we went on Teacher’s exchange program we were asked to deliver a few lecture pertaining to our college hospital and our speciality of intrest.I was able to give four hours of lecture (home care services rendered by Christian Medical College, Pediatric nursing in CMC, Post graduate courses in CMC college of Nursing, Nurses role in College of Nursing Community health program in CMC) which was very much appreciated by the students, registered nurses and by the faculty for CMC’s integrated model, the committed and dedicated services. Enough time was set apart for doing our own work like for example, as I am pursuing my PhD, I was able to spend a lot of time in the library to retrieve many literature related to my study topic. Librarians were very helpful in teaching us. Even on Saturdays ,after working hours, I was able to spend a lot of time over there which was really great. We were also explained in detail about their system of education, the various courses conducted and so on.</p>