Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: La Trobe University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Autumn semester 2018/2019
Name: Nhu Trang
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The international coordinator, Magdalena and midwife lecturer, Liisa Svensson were extremely welcoming to us and gave us ample information regarding what to expect in the 5 weeks we would be in Stockholm. Liisa Svensson went above and beyond and organised for us to attend classes with other Stockholm midwifery students. The schedule we were given was jammed pack but was manageable with clinical placement.

Liisa introduced us to the KI health centre on the first day arrival at KI and gave us a map for us to navigate. It was all smooth sailing.


We were given information regarding KI student accomodation however was told that spots are limited and are competitive. We decided to live the real Swedish way and booked an Airbnb apartment near the hospital in Södermalm. The Airbnb was only a 10 minute bus ride from the hospital or a 20 minute walk. The area in Södermalm was pleasant and we felt extremely safe living in the area. The Airbnb was indeed pricey, however the location was superb and was in close proximity to train stations, grocery stores, bars, shopping centres and of course the Södersjukhuset!

The cost of living in Sweden is about the same as Australia, if not - a tad bit more. We found ourselves cooking our own food and preparing for the week (meal planning!) and it worked well for us, even though we spent most of our Sunday evenings cooking!

After the end of 5 weeks of placement and getting to know the midwives at SöS, one of the midwives mentioned that she would have allowed us to stay with her at her apartment as she had spare rooms. We would've taken up this offer if we had knew sooner. it really showed us how lovely Swedish people are in welcoming foreigners and we appreciated that offer.

Leisure time and social activities

We had a group of Swedish students contact us via email to meet with us which we thought was really nice of them as we didn't have many classes there! We didn't affiliate with the uni as much as we'd like during our 5 week stay to be able to join in social activities organised with the university.
Surfers paradise


I chose to go on this exchange to experience midwifery practices in a different healthcare system and country. I am extremely grateful that I was chosen to do this exchange and represent my home university, La Trobe in Melbourne Australia. Information regarding pre-departure from my course coordinator, Sarah at La Trobe was excellent and Sarah was able to give me contact details of the teachers, coordinators and educators I would meet in Stockholm. KI staff was also excellent in returning my emails and answering general question to help me prepare for my stay in Sweden such as accomodation recommendations, weather at time of exchange and advising which hospital I would be placed well in advance. I felt very prepared for this study exchange thanks to the organisation and emails from the KI staff.

I was required to do an MRSA at the health centre at KI which was a simple throat and nose swab. I did a MRSA testing back at home before I left as well.

Courses during the exchange period

2EE011x : Clinical rotation within Midwifery
We had a handful of practical classes at KI including suturing, vaginal examinations and examination of the placenta.


I do not regret a second about this placement at all. I wish it went on for longer and that I had more time studying at the university. Stockholm is a beautiful country with warm approachable people which made this experience worthwhile and enjoyable. I can not fault anything about this exchange program and encourage everyone to apply for an exchange program like this because it is well worth it.

Language and Culture

No - I didn't qualify for the Swedish language course at KI as I was only on placement for 5 weeks.

Studies in general

We took a few practical midwifery classes within the 5 weeks. The teachers were accomodating and took some of the class in English which we appreciated. We were able to join in the discussions with other midwifery students. Most classes were placed at the KI hospital which was a relatively modern building with clean and new facilities. 

At Södersjukhuset, we were paired with midwives who was proficient in English and was able to translate from Swedish to English. All the midwives I had were lovely and took the time to translate documents and notes from Swedish to English for us. Most patients were able to speak English however most preferred their native tongue and spoke in Swedish with the midwife which is understandable given that a lot of technical medical jargon were said. Language barrier was was the only downfall of this placement however it was well managed by our midwife buddies.

The students in the midwifery classes were a lot older and had more clinical experience than us as they are all qualified nurses. In Australia, students can apply to study midwifery straight after secondary school without needing to have a nursing qualification. KI has a more hands on approach into studying such as using real placentas for us to examine as opposed to photos or a toy. That was exciting to see!