Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Christian Medical College, Vellore
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Duration: 51
Name: Debashish Danda
Email address:


excellent at 20, Jaggargattan

No idea how to reduce cost

Language and Culture

English; Rheumatology dept was kind to convert some of their sessions to English for my convenience. I thank them for this.

People from all walks of life were excellent, helpful, friendly.

Had several invitation from the Rheumatology dept colleagues to their homes and outside. dr Cia from endocrine surgery was ver helpful and took me around to many places.

a special mention about swedish rheumatism association who invited me to their office and it was an excellent learning experience.

I have seen around stockholm including Vasa and archipilago; also visited Uppsala and thoroughly liked it. 

Swedish people are amongst the best in the world in terms of courtesy and helpful ness. almost allspeak english which was an advantage

I could only find positive side in swedish culture.

Leisure time

Dr Cia , Prof Ingrid Lundberg, Dr Brigitte Dupre from Rheumatology dept took me all around Stockholm and it was one of the best experiences in my life seeing places, enjoying good food etc


It could be little longer and little more funding would be helpful, as the amount is tight. But one can manage. If airfare can be separately provided in addition, will be helpful and if it can be tax free also - it will be better. If one paper can be published during this period , will be helpful too.

Other activities

established interaction to develop future collaboration in autoimmune diseases an d exchange programme


I came to know about this exchange from our institution

I could manage with English there very well


I would like the Swedish society, standard of education in Rheumatology dept in Karolinska to be a role model for us here and would like to go back for future opportunities related to academics and establish longterm collaborations.

I have already started implementing teaching activities here similar to what I saw there. Nothing was less good there.


1. It was an excellent experience in teaching 

2. Erasmus Munda students were excellent, enthusiastic and there was active learning

3. classes, seminars, ward and outpatient learnings were quite similar

4. Case presentation by the students like a seminar was very good and different

5. Injection of joints using dummies were new and good

4. Very friendly teacher - student relationship

5. I participated in all other teaching activities of the department including pg presentations, PhD viva, guest lectures, symposiums, seminars , lunch meetings, etc and actively contributed and enjoyed

Prof Ingrid lundberg was very enthusiastic and exploring possibility of  collaboration /undergraduateexchange programme with us 

Teaching hours

teachig hours per week - 20 hours per week including all academic activities (not just lectures)

lessons s/ seminars - 25% of total hours

individual supervision/bedside teaching - 50% of total hours

other academic activities at Rheumatology dept / CMM - 25% of the total time