Exchange report - incoming students
Grenoble sett från la Bastille
Home university: University of Malawi
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Autumn semester 2019/2020
Name: Florence Msiska
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The arrival day was hectic as the school arranged a taxi that took sometime to arrive. The introduction day was well planned and very welcoming. The student health centre visit went very well the staff were very helpful and informative.


I applied through the University Accommodation Center which was very very simple to follow and had a well timed response. The accommodation was of good standard. I stayed in a private en-suite room in a corridor with a shared kitchen which allowed me the opportunity to interact with different people. 

Utsikt från lägenheten (sjukhuset är den större byggnaden till vänster om de tre tornen)

Leisure time and social activities

While in Sweden i attended events organised by the student union and other committed on campus. Information about social events is easily to find as it is Malagasy posted on social media platforms such as Facebook. Good thing is most events are student centered and free,
Les Deux Alpes


I choose the exchange program with KI because my medical training primarily took place in Malawi. Malawi is low income country as such most medical knowledge is theoretical, this exchange program give me the opportunity to study in an advance research based facility to have practical knowledge in medical practice and investigations we do not normally have access to in our setting. 

The information proved by both institutions are comprehensive and easy to follow as the guide you through all required processes to complete the requirements for a successful exchange program.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
The Surgery course allowed rotation in sub- specialists that are rare in our home setting which was amazing. As part of the course we are allowed to actively participate in surgery and other activities which was exciting. The course involves actively being part of the team and in decision making as well as active evidence based discussions which improved my clinical reasoning. The examination competent involves a case presentation which allows a platform to improve presentation and discussion skills.
ELAX16 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
The Obstetrics and Gynecology course was very impressive as I had previously studied it at my home university. Studying it during the exchange program allowed me the opportunity to learn more and apply the new knowledge acquired. The information was very relevant to my field of study as in broadened my understanding and allowed me to think beyond what I had previous knowledge on. The examination competent involves a elective research project in practices learnt during the course which is very helpful as research is an important part of medicine.
Svenskt fika på neuroplaceringen!


The exchange program is well rounded as it provides for academic improvement, cultural exposure and adventure. It is a well planned program and well supported even if you have never done it before.

Language and Culture

I attended the language course which was very helpful as i learnt some basic Swedish that improved my communication skills during my courses . It was very exciting to learn a new language. 

Studies in general

The Swedish study environment is very accommodation as it has different study spaces across campus and across the city which allows you to find a suitable study space for you. The clinical aspect was very engaging as after discussion on different cases or procedures, I was allowed to actively apply the knowledge i have just acquired. The teaching style is very similar to the one offered at my home university which made it easier for me to learn and apply myself. The only notable difference is in exchange program there is a lot more independent learning compared to my home university.
Sjukhuset sett från la Bastille