Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Duration: 19
Name: Florence Mugema
Email address:


   Arrangement of the accomodation was abit lacking, the  house was very expensive expensive. like 5480 sek was quite high, the care taker  never gave me some of the instructions which led to me being in the ciold for almost 3 hours just because of one mistake, and even to get injuries on my body.


I do advice next time things should go right for other visting people so the same problems may not occurt again.

the care taker also forgot that most directions are in Swedish, we cant read them the first time, so she would at least have taken the initiative to translate for us in the mails sent what some of the Words mean,



Laundry was also a problem. the room she told us to use, was locked and had a code to open up, so it was difcult to do our laundry. I tried once to ring the bell to iron, but no one opened up. so those where the short falls.


The apartment its self inside was good, warm and nothing to complain about though its a bit old compared to swedish life style

Language and Culture

most of the teaching was conducted in English though at times they could switch to Swedish.




Language barrier was experienced on the sreets and most people dont knoe English but they try.



the Cultures are also diffrent but some are good, moving with their Children almost every where even in Cold weather. Walking hand in hand with their spouses, which is good, not smoking in public places, i like that too.  they have maps at every station so it makes transport easier if you want to find your way.

the SL card!!! is great. you move anywhere with it. its Lovely.



The transport system is modernised. no dust on the roads,everything is perfect. I CAN SAY.

Leisure time

 YES. some how we Went to dinner with most of the teaching staff at karolinsika institute And it was great for us to be hosted by them .i would have loved to go dancing but i didnt know where to go and who to ask.

I hope next time if icome will find some one to take me dancing and also show me where to go to Church. Am a christian so i need to go and praise GOD, but i didnt find any church


my experience in the teacher Exchange programe was good.

I met new personalities and most fof them had the Brains( PHD) holders. Education in swden is free and this gives everyone opportunity to

to pursue their Dreams.

The teacher Exchange programe gave me a challenge because i have to go back and join school again. It has helped me to know why some other countries are called developed and others not. because like at the karolinska institutet, every one is into research , so how will the people fall sick if there people to research for them.



My advice is much as Swedish people love their languages and Cultures so much, the goverment should know that alot of people and Tourists also come into their country. Most countries know English, so it would actually cost them less to translate msot of the directions and important wriitings in English as well so as to make Life a Little bit easier for new people.

Other activities

 i did attend research seminars which where great and inaugration of books. i happen to want to conduct a resaerch in my country but didnt know the right person to Contact concerning grants.


 Am a clinical teacher on the wards , i.e on labour wards, i have been in-charge of most international students including those from  karölinska  institutet. I have  personally  been  conducting Clinical practice  with  them. So i personally Think my coming was over due.


So when the oppotunity came i was selected to come by makerere University.

I did prepare my own material, did my own research in what i was going to present, and also in the language am comfortable with.

there no useful links i can Think of.


As a teacher, if i am to change anything in my country, i would definately change Everything and adopt to the swdish system. but because i cant, i will change the few i can and advocate for what i cant.



Truelly writting Everything about the teaching methods and, demonstrations materials used, tmie, nimber of students per class, was superb


The teaching methods -

the teaching methods where good, almost each student had a model to use, the students where quite interactive and participated alot.

there where times when they could change in their dialct in teaching and question asking and we where left out but all in all it was great and i really admired it.


In my country Uganda, not all students have access to models, they have to share them like one model for 8 students which at times is diffcult.

 The student/ teacher ratio was also good in that every student was allocated a teacher in the Clinical area and a teacher had all the time for this student, i.e teaching her, explaining Everything and correcting her where possible. unlike in my country where you are in-charge of 20 students in  a clinical area and you wont satisfy every one.




Patient Relationship

the patient relationship is so good, in that all patients where given enough time, attention, unlike in my country wher yuo are not able to listen to almost every patients complaint because the patients are so so so many compared to the Health providers.


It was nice to see husbands accompanying there wives to the hospital. it was great. In my country Uganda, the percentage of men who accompany their wives to hospital is only 5%. so the Swedish men are great.




Teaching hours

Teaching hours per week-3 hours week


Lessons/ Seminars- 4 hours week


individual supervision--3 hours per week



other activities-  1 hour per week