Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Addis Ababa University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Duration: 22
Name: Endalew Gemechu Sendo
Email address:




  I found the accommodation Clean and neat. It has Everything for cooking. However, as a first visitor from Ethiopia, it seems difficult to learn the system regarding to how  getting into  the main gate being opened by pressing  a certain number. It would be nice if some one from the KI is there to give you information and help the first day how to come into this new system.  otherwise it is ok

Language and Culture


  The teaching was conducted in Swedish. .  However, some midwives helped us with the translation otherwise there would be  language barrier in understading the whole scenario. Yes the Culture is completely different from our Culture. in my Culture if you meet people on the bus or taxi you can  talk, chat no matter if you know or doesn't know him. But here we found people  being mute except those people we know them to talk with in the bus.  In my Culture, when a pregnant woman deliveries the entire family member come and prepare some food(usually porriage) and eat togther. In sweden you miss this very important social event.



Leisure time


   Yes we had been invited by one of the  midwives and had nice time together at home and hotel.




        I am very happy to be here and witnessed what I have Heard  from my friends Before  . Sweden is a beatiful country surrounded by water. I like it very much.


 Thank you for you have arranged every thing and let us keep in touch with each other.


Other activities


  we presented our  midwifery curriculem for midwifery tutors of KI  and we had long discussion on it. We were also be involved in practical training of Medical students and midwifery students. It was  inspiring to see them have such a wonderful practical activities (including  baby ressucistation ) together. This is something we need to bring it home, I think.


Regarding to future collaboration, I would suggest if there is any opportunity for teachers to get Phd studies because we don't have this program at home.( or if you open Phd program for us as a joint  program. It would be also nice if you extend the Exchange program for Another five years for the basic training program. 



     I  am a midwife tutor teaching at Addis Ababa University, School of Nursing and midwifery, Ethiopia.  The initiatives was made by our school to establish the link with Karolonska instituet and I was selected by my departement  to come for experience sharing  program at this time.




    It is very interesting that every thing is computerized(data base) compared to our traditional way of doing it( manual method). We can adapt this into our system but I am afraid to be unrealistic  because it needs Resources( computers, trained man Powers etc).

Parental education for new Couples who are expecting Babies is also something we can take home. 


 It was good that students learn with thier own language. But when it comes to teacher Exchange program the media of Communication should be English otherwise it would be difficult to understand the whole Picture of  story for some one like me who comes for Three weeks for such program.



 We have been to different places including hospitals and Health centers.  We found it inspiring and practical. The midwives  are knowledgeable and work in socially and freindly acceptable way.  They give much time for thier clients and discuss on Health related issues as approriate. We had also an opportunity to look at how midwife tutors teach the students in a class and found it very nice and practical.  This is I Think because of your set up( it is an ideal Place to learn) compared to ours where you couldn't be able to get teaching aids for teaching our students.


 In  African Universities we have many problems including limited Resources( pelvic models, few class rooms and large size of students) to teach our midwife students appropriately.  In fact, there is  significant improvemt in Ethiopia regarding to infrastructures , expansion of public universities  etc  but we need to do hard to bring quality education for our nation as you know much emphasis was given to quantity.



 However, to bring quality education for our nation we need to invest on teachers which is ofcourse  very difficult in our context because we have few masters program but not phd program at all. So let me challenge you here. How can is it possible for us to develop our career when threre is only  few or no continuing education in Health track ?  I urge you do something here as part of your collaboration with us.



Teaching hours



   We are here for few weeks and difficult for me to suggest any thing.