Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Duration: 19
Name: Scovia Nalugo Mbalinda
Email address:


Information was sent by the international coodinator but decided to stay with a friend. Sweden is very expensive so it important for the visitors to know this and they should be advised to cook instead of eating out.

Language and Culture

When we were giving lectures we gave the lectures in english but others were conducted in swedish and this posed as a challenge.

The swedish culture is different people keep to them selves but when asked they are very willing to help.

Leisure time

The department arranged a number of dinners with us. we visited their home and this hek├ąped us appretiate their ways of living.


we also moved around the Stockholm and did abit of shopping.


The tecaher exchange is great . It gives the opportunity to teachers to connevt with other teachers in the developing world and also make research contacts.

Other activities

During my stay i was able to attend a seminar organised by KI Doctoral School in Health care Science s for PhD students and their supervisors at Skogshem och wijk conference center this provided useful information about the usefulness of the good relationship between the supervisor and the student and also pissible source of funding we re highlighted.


We are also trying to build joint research with the department and we are in the process of writing a protocol


We also discussed the evalution trip between the two institutions.



We have had this collaboration for the last 7 years,so its known in the department. Information is sent from the international coordinator from the KI to the departmental coedinator at makerere University information about the possible exchange. The department decided who will represent the group.


I have had the teachers exchange more than once and every time i come here i learn simething new. It was really great to experience the clinical placement. Its very different from what we have and technology is great compared to what we have at home. As  a teacher i have learnt the different methodology you can use to teach your students.


During my stay here we gave a number of lectures to students  but in the previous exchange we had a global course where we partcipated fully and it was conducted in english. This made feel part of the teaching. Sometimes you are asked to join in the lectures but they are cobducted in swedish and this poses a challenge to follow and contribute meanig fully.

Teaching hours

We had a schedule drawn for us and where we were supposed to be. The hours are hard to calculate because some days we were in clinics and other days in class. Some weeks were so busy other light but on average wei had about 10 hours7 week in the clinic as weel as the classroom