Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Christian Medical College, Vellore
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Duration: 21
Name: Theophilus Samuel Ravi Kumar
Email address:


Pleasant and safe. Multinational and multicultural environment with all the needed facilities. Gave us an opportunity  to learn from residents of other culture as well. My colleague had difficulty in securing the key on arrival as the number lock was not working.Need to look into. But retrieved the needed guidance subsequently

Language and Culture

No trouble, comfortable at all place s with English

Leisure time

Perfect. Right climate. Blossom and rich culture and hospitality was very good. Looking forward to come again to Gamla Stan


The overall experience is Excellent. The period of exchange could have been to a month to enhance few more clinical observation.I had an opportunity to present the Trauma care of  CMC Vellore at KI. Thank you

Other activities

Ambulance observation and orientation to Sweden Emergency Services.


Most critical part of the program was the preparation , which was aptly handled. Adequate information, easy access and appropriate objectives for the 21 days experience. Well done


God Bless your ministry in learning . Especially it is very productive t the Global Health. I have experienced the tip of iceberg in the wide ocean of Cross cultural learning.Looking forward to be involved in Trauma prevention programs at India in association with Karolinska Institutet


My focus was on shared learning on Emergency and Disaster Nursing. Very good experience at the clinical and academic area. Had a period of experience with the ambulance as well. Even leisure trip to Vasa taught me the potential impact of Disaster

Teaching hours

Appropriately planned and interactive. More of  observational learning at the community and the hospitals.