Reserapport - utresande lärare
Lärosäte: Åbo Akademi University
Utbildningsprogram: Forskarutbildning
Utbytesprogram: Erasmus
Termin: Hösttermin 10/11
Antal dagar: 2
Namn: Oleg Shupliakov


I arrived by plane early in the morning on Monday (7.00 am). My host met me at the airport. I took a Silja boat in the evening (departure time 8.15 pm) to arrive to Stockholm early in the morning next day  (6.10 am), to be at work at KI in time.

Språk och kultur

English and Swedish. Everything worked out perfect.


I did not have time for any social activities this time, since my visit was very short and my teaching schedule was very tight.


I think everything is well organized. I have nothing to add.

Annan verksamhet

Definitely, we shall continue our interactions. 


Åbo Akademi and Karolinska Institutet have a long history of interactions, which include exchange of teachers, collaborative projects and joint supervision of PhD students. Several departments from both sides are involved in these scientific interactions. My current visit was in the frame of the exchange program between the Department of Cell Biology, Åbo Akademi, and the Department of Neuroscience, DBRM, KI, which has been recently extended for the next three years.
One of the goals of my visit was to participate in the evaluation of the PhD project of Clair Hyder (PhD student under Prof. John Eriksson). I received the progress report ( and manuscripts from Clair Hyder in advance over the e-mail. I had to go through these papers and prepare questions for our discussion. The second goal of my visit was to to give a seminar at the Department. To prepare this part,  I had to make a Power Point presentation.


I am always happy to share my expertise with students and my colleagues. We  expended the exchange program last months. I suppose that this is an indirect indicator that both sides are happy with the level of interactions we had and currently have.


General rules for lectures are exactly the same as at KI. My presentation " Role of scaffolding molecules in regulation of membrane trafficking" was well met and I received many questions. I had interesting discussions with Prof. Pekka Häninnen and his collaborators after my presentation. This part occupied all morning from 9:00 through 12.30. From 13.00 through 17.15  we had the evaluation committee meeting for Clair Hyder´s project. Prof. John Eriksson, Dr. Cecilia Sahlgren, and myself were evaluating the current work of the student. We were going through preliminary manuscripts, evaluating figures and original data, and discussing possible experiments, which  potentially may improve the work of the student. We also had a chance to discuss potential joint collaborative efforts in the future.


Monday, October 25.
9.00-12.30- seminar and discussions with students and researchers at the Department.
13.00-17.15- evaluation committee meeting for Claire Hyder (Prof. J. Eriksson´s lab).
About 50% / 50%.