Exchange report - teacher at KI
Home university: Universidad del Pais Vasco
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Duration: 8


We stayed at a very nice hotel. The accommodation was perfect as it was chosen by the host university but paid by KI.

It was nearby the center of the city and almost all important parts of the city were reachable by walking.

The food and the housing was of average cost regarding the European prices.

Language and Culture

All lectures and teaching activities were in English.

The Spanish students were happy to be taught in English but they expressed that they were not used to study in English.

Leisure time

We had a very nice sightseeing tour arranged by the hosting university in the city of Vitoria and in addition we attended a joyful dinner in very traditional Spansh restaurant.


The city was on of the best clean and beautiful I have ever seen. People are nice, kind and hospital. 

The weather was perfect this time of the year

The university had very good infrastructure that supports teaching and learning.

Other activities

We were sharing responsibilty with the staff in the hosting university for running the course. There will be some activities along the coming years.


The main motive is to be in real work on how to apply for fund from the EU and meeting experts from EU that have the real experience to give the best advices on how to it.


To explore the teaching environment in the south of Europe was one of my objectives and to compare that with Sweden.


Teaching exchange is an interesting experience. It needs very good preperations to get the best out of it and you need to maintain and build on what you gained in that experience.


The teaching activity was mainly to lead the group work with the students as facilitator. The experience was interesting since you are working very closely to the students and trying to respond to the challenges emerging while they are building/writing a project application documents.

The activity was also to learn how you overcome the problems that arise between students when they work in groups, under short time and under pressure.

The teaching was an opportunity to understand how the European Union standards and requirements are to be addresses and in which way. This experience is an interesting activity that makes you as a teacher develop skills to learn the students how to respond to challenges from the real life work. 

Teaching hours

The average of work was about 40 hours per week, the big part was teaching the group and give practical examples.