Exchange report - incoming students
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Home university: Universiteit Maastricht
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

When I arrived, a student from global friends gave me my keys at the terminal, which was very helpful. However, no one accomponied me to my room. This resulted in my arriving at the wrong corridor and being confused for half an hour. However, the global friends student was very helpful on the phone and eventually it all turned out allright. The introduction day was very nice. It was a great way to meet new people, to learn about the city and to get to know the university. 
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The housing arrangements were very good. UAC was very helpfull in getting me and accomodation and I was very pleased with my room. The price of the room was quite good and so was the location. 

Leisure time and social activities

I went to most of the activities that global friends organized. I really enjoyed their input. It was a great way to get to know new people and to get to know the city. I didn't make any Swedish friends, only exchange students. 
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I chose to go on an exchange, because it seemed like a great oppertunity that was handed to me. Most people that have participated in an exchange, come back feeling better, stronger and wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world. I wanted to experience this as well. I chose KI, because I heard this was a very good university and they provided some interesting courses. However, it was my third choice. The provided information was quite clear, and anything that was unclear could be asked via internet. The exchange coordinator responded quickly and clearly and this was very helpful. As an EU resident, I didn't need any special requirements. 

Courses during the exchange period

F2XX10 : PHN - Assessment methods in nutrition and physical health
I did not take this course
FN1X04 : PHN - Nutrition 1, the nutrients and energy metabolism
It was a very nice book and I learned a lot about nutrition this course. However, the first exam was horrible. It did not reflect what we needed to learn at all. The resit however was good. The course coordinator didn't seem very enthousiastic. For example the first exam she was too late and the second exam she forgot two pages. I think this is quite unexeptable for a course coordinator. However, I enjoyed most of the lectures and feel like I have learned a lot. Just more structure is necessary.
FN1X02 : PHN - Physical Activity in Public Health
I felt quite lost during the beginning of this course. The coordinator changed his mind a lot which was very confusing for the students. I never knew what to expect before class and didn't know what was expected for me to know after class. This made me quite nervous for the assignments. However, looking back at it now, it wasn't such a big deal. I just wish all the stress I had could have been decreaded, by being clear at the beginning of the course. Looking back, I still cannot say what I have learned exactly.
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I really enjoyed my exchange periode at KI. It was a great experience, a lovely city and a nice university. However, I expected my courses to be more structured and better organized. Maybe my expectations were too high, because KI is a very highly recommended university. I really liked the fact that global friends was so helpfull. Also, the exchange coordinator was very helpful, which made me feel very comfortable in a new, strange city. 

Language and Culture

No, I did not
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Studies in general

The studies in general were allright. I noticed that the faculty of public health nutrition was not very enthousiastic about their department. I think however this has to do with the fact that the department might be closing down. There was a nice study environment and some teachers were very good and able to motivate their students in a possitive way. Compared to Maastricht university, I think it was very different. I have always had problem based learning and KI does not have this. I prefer PBL, because it makes the students more active. The practical exercises did help a lot to liven up the study material. However, I think more structure is necessary. Often compulsary for example didn't mean compulsary.