Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: University of Otago
Study programme: Dental Technology
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Name: Janine Tiu
Email address:

Arrival and registration

My arrival arrangements were not very good.
Firstly, I was arriving at a very awkward time because it was the only available time I could come in time for the welcome day. I arrived around midnight on a Thursday and then I slept at Arlanda till around 6am then I took the airport bus straight to KI in Solna for the welcome day. I wasn't too bothered about this because Im used to sleeping in airports

I was not given a contact by global friends. I understand that they cannot always match someone up but it would still be nice even if someone couldnt pick me up from the airport, that someone would've met me and showed me the essential places and give me a quick run-down about the city. I had no swedish knowledge or how the public transport worked. Coming from a small country, the amount of people was quite overwhelming.


I loved the housing! I went through UAC and got to stay at Pax. I think its quite convenient to stay near the T-bana (even though all my classes were in huddinge) and the rent is decent for a nice room with bathroom. I liked that the rent included internet and power and that we pay monthly.
I thought it was a bit funny that the laundry was shared by the whole building. Then I found out it was quite common in sweden.

Leisure time and social activities

I didnt participate much but I knew when there events and where and how to get to them. I would say they were well organised and global friends really made an effort to make the most out of getting everyone together.


The only swedish friends I made were in my course. At first I didnt understand but now I understand it really takes a lot for the swedish people to come and make friends with new people. We really have to be pushed into the same social situations to start conversations.


I chose to go on exchange because I wanted to experience a different culture and travel since New Zealand is so far away from everything. I wanted to experience the education in another country and my field is very practical so i wanted to learn different techniques and methods.

Coming to Karolinska was the only option for exchange in my course. I didn't know anything about the university or anything about Sweden (except its location and capital) but I wanted to come because it was on the other side of the world.

I was able to find out the most information from the person who did the exchange before me. My exchange advisor was very helpful with all the paperwork since that was quite tedious and the exchange advisor in KI was also quite helpful in my applications.

The information provided was very helpful, since I knew nothing of Sweden or Stockholm it was a bit overwhelming thinking about practical issues like supermarkets and banks. The information covered these things and more.

I wasnt required to be vaccinated, all I needed was a visa

Courses during the exchange period

TTX004 : Fixed Prosthodontics 4
This paper was really the hardest but I learnt the most in this paper. I feel that the theory side of this was a bit unorganised but it really made me push myself to study within and around the subject area. I liked how we learnt to use differnt systems from different companies. I liked having an oral exam but the content of the exam couldve been clearer I think the practical work was super hard, but the teacher was encouraging and I ended up learning and improving and now the standard of my work is definately a lot higher
TTX005 : Removable Prosthodontics 5
This paper was quite small, we just had to make a denture. I liked it because I have already made dentures. I didnt have to attend lectures as I got a stack of information in english and it was more of a self directed learning
TTX003 : Implants 2
This was the most interesting paper, I have never done implants before. I liked learning new things and the demonstrations were clear. This is an area I think i may become more interested in in the future. I was quite happy wih this paper, having an exam a month after the semester started was quite weird but the exams were nicely spaced out throughout the semester which meant at the end of the semester we were free and we didnt stress out too much.
TTXX01 : Degree Project
This was an important paper but because we joined a group we were put in a very awkward situation. The group had 1 semester of work already and I felt we were sort of leaching in on their work. It was no ones fault really but because of the circumstances I felt we could have had more input and been more involved in the decision making process. Overall the guidance was excellent


I think I was generally happy with everything. It would have been nice if there were more activities that didnt involve parties or drinking but I was busy. I think I would have liked to be buddied up with someone as I was completely culture shocked and alone. Maybe someone to show me where to buy certain items and such.


I think it all turned out quite well in the end. I dont think I would drastically change anything. It was an experience and I thouroughly enjoyed it

Language and Culture

Yes, I took the beginners course somewhere in Odengatan

I only went to 6 out of 10, only because I went on holiday to lappland and then I forgot the rest when I came back


It was excellent and if i had the chance I would continue learning swedish

Studies in general

I really liked the studies at KI. It was very different and although I found it hard at first, I found that it was a very good way to learn and interact with everyone. the teachers were talented and they really helped whenever I asked.

The physical environment is similar to my home university but the swedish definately have more professionalism to them. Whereas in my home university there is a laid back feeling. I dont know which one I prefer as they both have pros and cons to them..

we didnt have clinical education (dental technology)


I think more interaction with the other years and general school of dentistry would be nice. I feel that I didnt really have an opportunity to know the other students.


I learnt so much. I really think this has affected the way I work. Striving for perfection