Exchange report - teacher at KI
Home university: Høgskolen i Akershus
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Duration: 2
Name: Usama Al-Ansari
Email address:


I arrived at  around 17.00  to Oslo airport the trip was short and calm

it only takes less than 20 minutes  to travel with the express train from Oslo  airport to Lilleström,  where I  booked the hotel for one night  


The hotel was in the center of the the city with nice rooms and breakfast.  I was luck to get fearly low price  i paied only about 750 NOK for one night


In the next morning I  walked  with two of my colleagues about 45 minute to the university enjoying the sunny beutiful day

Language and Culture

I conducted my presentation in English, but the presentations from the Norwagians fellows were mostly in Norwagian and English

Leisure time

We had very interesting social Lunch .In addition there was a social gathering  after the session ended for the whole group, where wetook nice photos and exchange contact information


I think its very important to invest more time with teachers echange, as its very motivatin  for developement and to gain from other experience,. This will help you to shape out mypersonal experince and at the same time share it with others

Other activities

The activities were presentations with pauses of discusssion and planninmg session for future coordination between KI and Aukershus högskola


The ground preperation for the exchange was majorly conducted by the head of the unit of Public health Nutrition in karolinska Institutet

anyhow to travel to Norway  from Sweden / Stockholm is not a challenging task.  I chose the best way which is flying, as there are several trips around the day even on Sunday which is the date for my  traveling, as I needed to do the preperation for my  presentation the day before. 


I discoverd that In Aukershus university, they have noticeable intiatives to develope in both education and research internationally and they have structured system and clear vision on how to do that.

They have deployed several researchers on the ground in several developing countries and they developed experience on how to deal with students from different parts of the world.

I think it will be a great resource of  experience for us,  if, coordination and exchange with this rapidlly grouny university will continue


There were  no major differences in teaching methodologies this time as the teaching was by formal lecturing a apart from that it was seperated by discussion and questions from the audience

Teaching hours

The session started at 9.00 and ended at about  16.30 interupted  by one hour lunch