Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Univerzita Karlova
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

I did not participate on the introduction day, but I think the informations received from my coordinator a couple of days after my arrival were pretty enough to manage all important things. Everywhere I came, the people were very kind and opened to help me when I asked for. I was also required to undergo MRSA- test after coming to KI, what is in my opinion very good step in hygiene. I had no problem to contact nurses in student health centre. I can say, things went easily. 


Although I applied for accommodation after the deadline for applications, caretakers in UAC were very nice and ready to find me some place. Finally I got the room in Jägargatan, what was great because it is situated very close to Sodersjukhuset, where I spent most of the time during my exchange. The journey to the hospital takes only five minutes if you run :-). My room was situated on 6th floor, with beautiful view of a big part of Stockholm city. It was small and cosy, the furniture simple, but very practical. I enjoyed the staying there so much! The only unpleasant point was the horrible cold during winter months. I shared bathroom and kitchen with other 10- 15 students from all over the world, so it is great oportunity to make new friends and relationships. For me, the cost of housing was quite high, but on the other hand, the level of care was suitable.

Leisure time and social activities

There were also a lot of oportunities to enjoy various activities such as visiting museums, sightseengs and other occasions organized by Global friends. As for me, I prefered to stay with smaller group of my new either Swedish or other foreign friends, doing walks e.g. to Djurgarden, talking and having nice time together. We still keep on contact. 


Why I decided to go on exchange? It was always my dream to see the life abroad, especially in Nothern part of Europe. My primary goal was to gain some new practical skills for my future profession as well as to see the way of collaboration between doctors and their patients. I chose KI, because of its well- known high level of education. Before my exange I received a lot of important facts about the studies from KI, but, in fact, I would really prefer more practical informations about courses on KI in advance.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAX16 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
The last two months I participated in Obstetrics and Gynaecology course in Sodersjukhuset. The organization of the course was well done! Firstly, we underwent a short theoretical course together with other five erasmus student. Than we started our practical training. Each student followed one doctor. In fact we saw all important places such as delivery ward, gynaecologic emergency ward, antenatal clinic,... we even spent some time in operation rooms. There I could see Caesarean sections, as well as either smaller or larger gynecological surgeries. Depending on the doctor I was also supposed to assist during operations. On Emergency ward I learned a lot from gynaecological differential diagnosis and we had quite a lot of possibilities to do gyn. examinations. On the delivery ward all medical students had possibility to follow the midwife during the labor. It was really very interesting and surely I gained a lot of new practical skills. Twice a week we had case seminars with some of our supervisors. This part was very useful to make clearer clinical aspect of several interesting diagnosis. In the end of course I could participate in a written exam, which was quite difficult, but great oportunity to test yourself. What´s the pity, we cold not take part on OSCE test, prepared only for Swedish students. I think, it would be perfect to try, because we do not have similar testing in my university. Finally, I think, the whole course was leaded to prepare students for practis, and it really worth it!
ELAX21 : Internal Medicine - Emergency
After the rotation in Internal medicine, I started my next course on the big Emergency ward in Sodersjukhuset. I can say, it was the most useful part of my training on KI. Daily, I stayed at surgery and orthopedic emergency desk with one of the doctors. This time I could examine plenty of patients as well as improve my diferential diagnostic skills. What´s more each student was suppose to prepare the lecture about one of the topic of interest. I think it was good way to get used to speak to your collegues, as well as to gain more deeper knowledge of your chosen topic. The course ended with theoretical test, based on your practical skills. This was quite difficult for me, because the way of teaching in my school is based more on theoretical knowledge, and I have not had so good practical basis when compare to Swedish students. Although I am really very satisfied with the course, I would prefer more feedback from my suprevisor.
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
My first course on KI was Internal Medicine at Karolinska hospital. I starded on haematology department where I was attached to the group of Swedish student. Everday I took part on rounds, small discussions about patients and treatment and sometimes we had short seminars with our supervisor. I was very pleased with precious compliance of hygiene and very proffesional and friendly attitude to patients. On the other hand, I often did not understand Swedish conversation between doctors and patients, or doctors together, and I could not actively participate in all events on the ward. Still, there were a lot of oportunities to see special techniques such as bone marrow aspiration or plasmaferesis with detailed description of the method. The next two weeks on the pulmonary ward I appreciated participating on English- leaded discussions about patients as well as the opportunities to take the history or see interesting investigations. We had also the possibility to improve interpretation of clinical findings by performing physical examinations.


It was great time I spent on KI. I am really thankful for a lot of things. Firstly, I gained a lot of new practical skills. Secondly it was also very useful to see the work of social system as well as the medical staff attitude to ongoing problems. Last but not least, I was pleased with meeting so many friendly people and making new friends from all over the world. I think I will never regruit I decided to go to exchange. Sweden was really good choice, which worse it. Keep on!

Language and Culture

I also participated in Swedish language course, what was pretty helpful for me. We had very nice teacher. I learned a lot, minimally to understand the conversation between doctors and the patients. It really worth it!

Studies in general

I like Swedish system of teaching. I spent eight hours per day on the ward, following the doctor. What´s more, I could participate in interesting diagnostic as well as surgical interventions. The majority of patients tried to collaborate, but not all of them. For me, the biggest problem was the foreign language. It would be much more useful, if I had known a little bit Swedish before I came to KI. If I compare the way of education with my university, we definitely have more theoretical lessons but  not so much practical ones. Therefore I really appreciated practical trainings on KI.