Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: National University of Singapore
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Name: Qi Mei, Orlanda Goh
Email address:

Arrival and registration

Although I signed up with Global Friends, I was not contacted regarding arrival arrangements and there was no introduction day. Settling in was not a problem at all because the travel information was very comprehensive online and locals working at information counters or walking along the street were very helpful with moving around. On the first day of classes, I had help finding the office of international student affairs and all matters were settled very efficiently and neatly.


The housing arrangements were worrying at first as we were told that housing in Stockholm is very difficult to secure. I applied through the UAC and eventually had a place offered. I attempted to arrange for private housing through recommended websites but the response rate was very slow. The cost of housing is on the high side but I find the accommodation at Jagargatan very pleasant and am pleased with the location of the place, maintenance of the building and rooms, as well as administrative support. 

Leisure time and social activities

Yes, I went for an event organised by Global Friends. It was well organised and very enjoyable. We had the opportunity to meet fellow exchange students while we were introduced to the Swedish game of branball. My friends informed me of Global Friends' activities as I was not included in the mailing list. I made many new friends, Swedish and international, from my floor at Jagargatan, my class at the elective course, and Global Friends. As soon as I settled in, I was in no shortage of options to organise social events with these groups of people.


We are scheduled one semester of elective courses while reading Medicine in Singapore and I wanted to have an experience that brings academic diversity to my education. I chose KI because it is an acclaimed university in Europe, and a month in Sweden looked promising in terms of what I can learn about Medicine with a global perspective and in a different culture. 

The exchange information given by KI was very comprehensive and accessible. It was easy to refer to options available and make an informed choice.

I was not required to be vaccinated

Courses during the exchange period

2XX001 : Sexual and reproductive health in a global perspective
I expected this to be an intensive course that required frequent reading and discussion, and occasional preparation for essays or presentation. I was very pleased to receive the daily schedule in advance. Aside from the fact that I was earlier told of a mistaken starting date, the scheduling was very organised. The lectures covered a broad range of topics and proved to be very engaging. The readings and discussions that followed were self-directed and spontaneous and made learning very enjoyable. We were not required to submit essays. Rather, we were fairly required to submit an abstract and present on a well-researched topic on a poster in groups. There was ample time given for preparation. The teaching was encouraging and affirmative. Even though these public health topics are not directly relevant to a medical degree, they put things in a good perspective for the practice of medicine and effective positive change. It would be good that this course continues receiving students from a diversity of professional and cultural backgrounds.


The overall experience has been very pleasant. The staff in the university have all been very organised and supportive. I am very pleased that accommodation was arranged for in the end. A considerable amount of time was spent finding alternatives and attempting a translation of local website, both to no avail. Perhaps giving students an assured place for accommodation from the time of acceptance - whether it is a UAC place or specific housing agencies that are bound to have space - might make the preparation leading up to the exchange a smoother process. Regardless, the time spent in Sweden was very pleasant and it was an enjoyable learning experience. 

Language and Culture

No. I would have liked to but there was insufficient time in 1 month.

Studies in general

I was learning in a classroom setting where lecturers frequently started discussion and encouraged participation from all members. We were given a lot of freedom to speak our mind as well as autonomy in study time. This was very conducive for learning. The teachers were often supportive and gave positive feedback. All this was warmly welcomed as this style of teaching and learning is not usually the case in my home university.