Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: University of Malawi
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2015/2016
Duration: 23
Name: Rose Dadirayi Mezangera
Email address:


<p>The accommodation was well organized and very secure with all necessary things to be used. It was an excellent arrangement. It was smart and all things functioning properly.</p>

Language and Culture

<p>Teaching was conducted in English however Swedish was the official language used in the clinical area. People were eager to communicate with us in English. It was very good to know that the culture is very receptive and Swedish are good people eager to help you when you are not clear in whatever they are communicating with you. In the clinical area they communicated through interpreters ie the relatives of the patients. the midwives were cultural sensitive during care giving.</p>

Leisure time

<p>Yes they were a lot: we visited Skansen, museums and we had boat rides. We went out for dinner at the faculty members' house and we had dinners in restaurants sponsored by individual members. Faculty members and the clinical teachers showed us markets and we liked the transport network which is easy.</p>


<p>Generally the exchange was excellent with a lot of things to learn and to implement for the benefit of the institutions and students.</p>

Other activities

<p>Other experiences:1. Graduation The lecturers attended a graduation activity which was done in another location at Adolf Fredriks Church. This was in recognition of their achievements at the end of midwifery programme. It is like the graduation dinner which is done at KCN however this was conducted within one hour and parents, guardians and faculty members are invited. Not many speeches. 2. Other Teacher and Student Exchange KI is in collaboration with other Midwifery education institutions in Australia, US, Uganda and Holland3. Anna Hjelmstedt briefed the International Funders of grants on the Reaserch project which is being done in Uganda on Uninterrupted Safe Skin-to-skin contact between mother and infant the first hour after birth. Rose Mazengera was invited to the presentation and it was a good experience since the funders follow how the projects are implemented.4. PhD student presentation on her Manuscript The lecturers attended a research group meeting where a PHD student was presenting a draft of her manuscript to faculty members. It was critiqued by faculty members and feedback was given which was also a nice experience. The supervisor of the PHD is Helena.5. Working in the hospitalWe enjoyed working in the clinical area since we experienced interesting things esp. monitoring of patients using gadgets, computerised documentation, involvement of males in the maternity activities.</p>


<p>My college introduced me to this exchange after engaging in partnership with KI. I was not aware of the existence of KI but it was good for our institution to be involved in such a collaboration. However I had interactions with the KI faculty members who visited our college Kamuzu College of Nursing in Malawi.</p>


<p>Personally I have gained a lot as a teacher in the following areas: Good things: Team work by the faculty members was superb. The lecturers are student-centered which provided a conduicive environment for learning. Commitment to work by the midwives in the wards and punctuality. Support offered to students during research activities and their involvement in academic things. The students appreciated their teacher seen at the graduationTheir joint research with other countries was excellent. Negative: Did not experience a lot since I had minimal interactions with the students.</p>


<p>Teaching was interactive which was good. Teacher-student relationship very good. The seminar fitted well with the requirements of the students. During the research seminar the student was well supported this was a PHD student.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>We had inadequate exposure to teaching because students were winding up their classes. No bedside teaching was experienced since there were no students in the clinical placement.</p>