Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2015/2016
Duration: 21
Name: Sambhaji Gunjal
Email address:


Accommodation was arranged by KI housing it was really good. The accommodation at Jägargatan 20, Stockholm was very good and comfortable. We got adequate information from email regarding the way to reach the accommodation and the guidance to have access to the assigned apartment. Immediately we got local Swedish sim card and SL travel card in apartment. We had very specious apartment with hall, bedroom kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The kitchen arrangements and the utensils were very useful and made our living enjoyable and most memorable. The Wi-Fi connection was very useful for us.

Language and Culture

The teaching was conducted in English. However, I learned that Physiotherapy has been taught in Swedish. I was surprising for me that this is possible in one of the world ranked university like Karolinska Institutet and for that efforts have taken by Swedish Physiotherapy faculty members to make the information in Swedish to their students. Swedish culture was more of free in nature and first time I understood what weekend culture in Europe is.

Language was restriction for me, everywhere information was in Swedish like in metro train information displayed in Swedish, newspaper in Swedish, TV channels in Swedish, lift audio output at KI housing at Jägargatan 20 in Swedish, in short almost everything in Swedish. Even in super market shop also. I think it should be in English so it will be very helpful for students and faculty of different country obvious question is when you wish to compute with other universities in the world why to retain the language as the barrier. But I noticed one thing that Swedish people are very helpful to give information about anything.

Leisure time

We went to Nobel museum, Skansen museum, Vasa museum, Uppsala city, Carolina library and royal palace in Stockholm and we have attended birthday ceremony of Swedish king. We also went to mariehamn near to Finland and it was very enjoyable moment for us. We visited most of the places on every Saturday and Sunday. Many faculty members from Physiotherapy division invited me to their houses for the dinner and I tasted the Swedish food in their home.


I think I could continue further to establish a professional relationship through the Linnaeus Palme Programme with students and teachers of Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences and Karolinska Institutet.

Other activities

I visited to “spinalis’’ (Spinal cord injury rehabilitation center) in Stockholm and it was very informative for me. I visited to geriatric home and Sodersjukhuset hospital.

I also visited to center of ‘’Kvinna till kvinna” (women to women) in Stockholm. This Swedish organization is working for women’s right and supports against violence for approx. 1000 women.

I also visited to Academic Primary health care center. For the first time I saw group therapy balance and strength training of geriatric patient and that was very interesting and informative for me. In the future, collaboration should involve more interaction with Physiotherapy students and Swedish patients.


I got the information from principal of college of physiotherapy and communication from International coordinator of Pravara institute of medical sciences about my selection for the teacher exchange. It was surprise for me. That time I didnt’ have passport. So after that I applied for passport and within 2 week I got passport. I got the useful information that was provided as links to useful websites by the International Coordinator from KI. Then I got the visa with help of travel master. Prof. Kristina Kindblom informed me about the schedule of the program including my lecture and debate. So I prepared the material for my entire visit.


This experience made me feel good and I wish to encourage my students self-learning. This gave me an opportunity to introspect myself as how I can be an effective teacher to my students. I enjoyed the experience of being exposed to a different culture on many levels, and was particularly appreciative of the hospitality extended by Swedish colleagues’ who invited us to their homes for made lot of positive impact on the way how teacher-student interactions are carried out. The technology was good, infrastructure was probably the best and working hours flexibility and funding for faculty was probably great. The less good was lack of everyday rehabilitation or Physiotherapy treatment for patients.


I had an opportunity to teach CHBR course students from different country. I felt that the teaching by other faculties was monotonous compared to our university. Teacher student relationship was more friendly at KI and at our university it is more of respect to teachers addressing teachers as Sir & Madam. Lecture on tacit knowledge by Prof. Kristina Kindblom was the new concept for me. I have participated in academic debate with Swedish.

Teaching hours

I got two hours of teaching over the period of 21 days. Some hours of supervising academic work at Physiotherapy KI and other places. I had attended 3 meeting with selected Physiotherapy teachers for further LP planning for one hour of each. I have attended nailing ceremony of thesis of one PhD student from KI institute and that was really new for me.