Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

I wasn´t able to go to the introduction day because I arrived to Stockholm one month later. But the contact with the student health centre worked well.


I got to know about my living in Stokcholm about one and a half months before I went to Stockholm. I got the room through the University Accommodation Center and I was really satisfied with my living. I had my own room, toilet and a shower and common kitchen with 11 student.

Leisure time and social activities

I didn´t participate so much in social activities that were provided for exchange students. But I was really many times with the other exchange students and we had many meetings and events that we planned together. Sometimes there were also some Swedish that I got to know which was really nice.


I wanted to go on exchange because I wanted to see what occupational therapy is in another country. I also wanted to improve my language skills and especially Swedish because it is another official language in Finland.
I choose Sweden and KI because I had heard that KI is really good place to study. I also knew that quite many from Finland had been on exchange in Sweden and they had good experiences of their exchange time.
I got quite well information about study abroad but sometimes it just took time to get an answer for some questions.

Courses during the exchange period

EAR004 : Analyses of literature from an occupational perspective
This course was useful and I got to deepen my knowledge for one topic that related to my studies.
EAR001 : Clinics 1 - Occupational Therapy
I did my first internship with the children and it took four weeks. I learned a lot and I liked my supervisors very much.
1AR017 : Interprofessional Clinical Education
My second internship was the most educational internship ever. I got a lot responsibility and I got to be really independent.
AT1X01 : Community and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives
Community and Home Based Rehabilitation -course was really interesting and educational. I liked it because there were people from differenet countries and I had a possibility to learn a lot of different countries and cultures and the health care systems.


I will never forget my exchange time! I am really happy and satisfied I went for exchange. That was the best time of my life. I got to know really many new people and I learned a lot of many things.

Language and Culture

I participated in Swedish course and I think it was quite good. There were two groups together (B1 and B2) and that´s why the lessons were sometimes too easy and sometimes a little bit difficult. But I liked when there were challenge. Anyway I was really satisfied I took the course.

Studies in general

I did my last internshipin Stockholm and I was really satisfied for that. I was in two places and the people and my supervisors were very nice and helpful. After my internships I had two courses in Karolinska and I liked them.