Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Arcada
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: NordPlus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

I arrived in the middle of the semster. In the end of my first day in school the international coordinator came to give me information and that was good.


I was not in contact with the student health centre because I did not need any service from them.


I applied for housing through University Accomodation Center (UAC). I got a room at jägargatan. It is situated really good, close to the subway and citycentre. It is also situated next to a beautiful river and there is a running track by the river.


The room was quite small but it was okay to stay there anyway. The common areas were okay. The people and the athmosphere were great!

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in some program the "Global friends" arranged. I have also spent time with the people who lived in the same house as I and the people who participated in the same course as I. And also people who I knew before from Stockholm.


I went to study abroad because I wanted to learn more about occupational therapy and perspectives of it from different countries. I also wanted to get to know a new country and new people. I chose KI because they offered an interesting course there, Community and Home based rehabilitation.


The information I got from KI and my home university about exchange studies was good.

Courses during the exchange period

AT1X01 : Community and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives
The course was really interesting! Teachers from different parts of the world held lectures for us. I learned a lot about similarities and differencies about healthcare systems and rehabilitation in different countries.


I am very pleased with my 5 weeks stay at KI and in Stockholm!

Language and Culture

My mother language is swedish so I did not attend the swedish course. The language in the course was english and it went good to speak and understand the language.

Studies in general

The Swedish study environment is good! The teachers and also other students are helpful. Also in the library the staff is helpful. I did not stay at KI for longer than a 5 weeks course but I got a good impression of KI. The KI area in Huddinge is nice and the building where my course was held had good classrooms and computerrooms. Thera are a lot of cafés, but it is a bit expensive to buy the food in the cafés. There are many areas both outside and inside to eat your lunch if you bring it from home.