Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2017/2018
Duration: 22
Name: Mbabali Muhammad
Email address:


Accommodation was well planned and more than enough space was availed to me. very hygienic environment and peaceful. it was close to the university campus just 30 minutes away. the apartment was well furnished and very convenient for an exchange teacher.

Language and Culture

Both English and Swedish  were used during the clinical training, however, Swedish was more preferred since patients felt more comfortable expressing themselves in their mother tongue. Swedish people have a nice culture of being prompt on time and meals. i was most mesmerized by the compulsory fiika time table.

Leisure time

Several places were arranged for our social activities. nature walks along the lake and parks, Stockholm boat cruise, museums and mega shopping malls.  A lot of Swedish culture was reflected in their architecture and discipline


the exchange program was a brilliant idea born out of karolinska's willingness to help developing countries through sharing knowledge, skills and research. its in my prayers and hope that such collaborations continue and become parmanent

Other activities

we had a previlaged to discus some on going research project with Danniel and his team at the Karoliska Institutet hospital. it was a great project and inspired more research back home. given a chance, Karolinska institutet would be a perfect place to have research collaboration due to experienced academic staff, equipment and state of the art laboratories


Through our departmental coordinator of the linear-palmar exchange, i was selected this particular year to represent the teacher exchange together with my colleague Cathy<div>it was an exciting moment and from that point on ward.&nbsp; we were inconstant communication with Victoria Rosander who offered more than enough support toward the preparation and final arrival at karolinska institutet.</div><div>Most of Swedish people understand and speak English which was very convenient for me as i didn't need to take any lessons in Swedish</div>


I didn't get a chance to participate in the reflections


Most of the teaching activities were done at the Hudinge campus although we had a few sessions at the main university at karolinska<div>we has several clinic sessions with the students observing and discussing treatment plans as well observing and assisting in their treatment deliveries.</div><div>All teaching staff were very receptive and offered all kind of help and motivation during the 3 weeks stay. there were also sessions on self improvement between the Karolinska staff and us which was very helpful.</div><div>A lot was learnt from Karolinska staff. the relationship between staff and student is wonderful and teachers are very accessible to students for any academic or mentorship requirement.</div><div>the level of technology and treatment options was by far better than what we have back at home and was a challenge we are willing to pick up back home.</div>

Teaching hours

About&nbsp; 20 hours per week was spent in the students' clinics observing and assisting in their clinical teaching. Another 8 hours per week was spent on personal improvement in the dental clinic through learning and sharing from karolinska staff in the dental school. several sessions in the preclinic, radiology and&nbsp; reaserch presentations were held during the three weeks stay at kalorinska&nbsp;