Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2017/2018
Duration: 21
Name: Vishnuvardhan Gujuluva Diwakar
Email address:


<p>I got my accommodation in Alfred Nobels Alle 29.My room number was 1508.The accommodation given to me was well furnished and clean. Rooms were very comfortable and spacious.I had a very good time in the apartment.The room had an excellent kitchen with all the utensils. The induction cooking system was new to me in the beginning but I got used to it as the days progressed.The room also had a Oven.Vacuum Cleaner made cleaning easy.We got our Sim cards and Travel SL cards which helped us travelling in Sweden comfortably .Wi Fi Connection had an excellent speed inside the room.The locking system in the apartment was fascinating and I was feeling safe in the apartment.</p>

Language and Culture

<p>Teaching was conducted in English. Although Metros, Display boards,Newspapers,Audio in Lifts were in Swedish,there was no language barriers.Swedish people were very friendly ,helpful ,responded in English and guided in all the ways.</p>

Leisure time

<p>I went to Nobel Museum which was excellent and very informative.I was fascinated to know the history of Vasa Museum.I was bamboozled to see the 98% of the remains of the 64 gun warship Vasa, that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628 . I visited Cherry Blossom Flower festival. I was invited for Dinner by Lena Nilsson - Wikmar Madam ,Professor,Division of Physiotherapy,Karolinska Institutet.It was a Summer House and it was like a dream come true for me as I have never been to a summer house.We were warmly welcomed by Madam and her Husband.We had a wonderful time along with my colleague and Kristina Kindblom Mam.</p>


<p>• My deputation to Sweden as part of Linnaeus Palme Staff exchange programme was very informative. • There is some difference in Culture and Educational system between the two countries. • Workshop on CHBR Course gave me an opportunity to meet International Staff and students. • My study visits to Rehab Station and Olivecronas Vag gave me innovative ideas about training and infrastructure. • My visit to ICU had broadened my areas in Research.</p>

Other activities

<p>May 8, 2018 Tuesday- 1:00-4:00 PM -I had a study visit to Medis5. It was a Rehabilitation centre for minor intellectual disability. Medis 5 helps in identifying talent of people with Intellectual Disability. They demonstrated their talent in Drama, Music and Art. It is a workplace for people with minor intellectual disability who are drama actors , musicians and artist. May 15, 2018 Tuesday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM - I visited Olivecronas vag 7 which is a Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre . It is a brain injury center which work with counseling support and treatment for people with acquired brain injury who have suffered from permanent impairments. It is a team which works for children aged 2-17 years. I met Ylva Dahlen, incharge of Olivecronas vag along with Dr. Kristina Mam. She had developed a new device called Jump and Joy. This device helps in improving the balance, proprioception and in vestibular rehabilitation in children. Olivecronas vag had fantastic infrastructure with colourful rooms, adaptive chairs , play tools, beautiful wall backgrounds, texture tools for tactile feedback, voice recognition of animals. May 16, 2018 Wednesday 9:00 – 12:00 PM : I visited the Rehab Station located at Frosundaviks alle 4 . The rehab station develops and manages medical rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries, stroke , multiple sclerosis and general neurology. I met Inka Lofvenmark madam Physiotherapist at Rehab Station. I visited the “SPINALIS” Spinal Cord InjuryRehabilitation Centre.May 18, 2018 Friday 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM - I had visited Karolinska Hospital to view the Intensive Care Unit.&nbsp;In Karolinska Hospital, I met Dr. Anna Svensson, Clinical specialist Physiotherapist Intensive care.In future ,there should be collaborative&nbsp;research projects between the two institutes.</p>


<p>On February 14,2018 I got the news that I was selected for Linnaeus Palme Staff Exchange Programme by Dr. Sanjeev Kulkarni Sir Incharge ,Directorate of International Relations,Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences,India. I would also like to thank Dr.Subhash Khatri Sir,Principal,Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam College of Physiotherapy,India,for giving me this Opportunity. Dr,Sanjeev Kulkarni Sir gave me all the guidelines for Visa processing, which helped me to get the Visa on time. Dr. Kristina Kindblom gave us the lecture schedule two weeks priorly, which helped me in preparing my lectures. I also started to prepare my packing, as this was my first international visit. I was already informed about the cold weather, so i had purchased warm clothes to cope with the weather. I had taken sufficient amount of food materials for the next 21 days.</p>


<p>It was during my Post Graduate college days that I dreamt about working in abroad and to know about the different approaches used in the field of Physiotherapy and more to know about the Education System in abroad. This opportunity as part of&nbsp;Linnaeus-Palme staff exchange programme in Karolinska Institute had opened me new horizons. It gives me an opportunity to meet different people, culture, language and their education system.&nbsp;During the International mobility week,I learnt about Community and Home based Rehabilitation programme undertaken in Various Countries.Usage of Software tool "Dollar Street" in knowing the Cutural perspective of different countries. During my study visit to Rehab Station Frosundaviks,I came to know about the Wheel Chair Training,Role of Rehab Instructors and Advanced equipments used in Spinalis.&nbsp;My visit to Karolinska Hospital,Intensive care unit broadened my areas in Research.I was fascinated to see the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room and the recent advanced equipments used in ICU. I was impressed by the Time Management ,where classes&nbsp;took place on time.I would like to show my gratitude to Kristina Kindblom Madam Physiotherapist,Karolinska Institutet who had taken utmost care for us during our visit to Sweden.Kristina Kindblom Madam had guided us throughout these 21 days of Linnaeus Palme Staff Exchange Programme</p>


<p>I would like to briefly mention about the Lectures taken in CHBR course.&nbsp;April 30 ,2018 Monday 10:30 -12 PM - The first lecture was on Professional Identity by Vera Kaelin Occupational Therapist from Zurich University of Applied Sciences. We were divided into groups as part of group activity. We were discussing on the importance of Professional Identity and Cultural Perspectives.While discussing Cultural Perspectives , culture and curriculum differed a lot from various countries.May 3, 2018 Thursday 11- 12 PM -&nbsp;Nadine Blankvoort, Occupational therapist from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences presented a lecture on Humanitarian Corridors for Refugees. The entire topic was about refugees, their rights and what are the rules and regulations the refugees should follow as per the laws of the country.&nbsp;May 7, 2018 Monday 9:00-10:45 AM – There was a Seminar on “Physiotherapy perspective on Global Health” by Anna Peterson, Lecturer, Division of Physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet. The learning outcome of the module was “How cultural aspects influence patient-therapist interaction and communication as well as strategies to overcome cultural conflicts in the patient therapist relationship”. A software tool called as Dollar Street was used during the Seminar. Students were divided into five groups. We were assigned to one of the groups. The discussion was upon Physiotherapy practice from the perspective of an open care setting, Role of a Physiotherapist, Health care system in India and the Education system in India.1:00 – 4. 00 PM – We had a Seminar conducted in collaboration with Western University, Ontoria, Canada in Stockholm sjukhem. I and Dr. Nilashri Naik were assigned as teachers in groups with the Canadian students. There was a case study given and we had to discuss upon two questions. There was a group discussion on the first question “Sharing of health related information of patients from one hospital to another hospital through electronic media”. The other group discussed on the second question “Philosophy, policy and practice of Long Term Care home in the Country”. a good raaport between Staff ans students in Karolinska Institutet.&nbsp;May 11, 2018 Friday 9:30- 10:30 AM – Kristina Kindblom, Senior Physiotherapist from Karolinska Institutet took a lecture on Tacit Knowledge in health care practices.&nbsp;May 14, 2018 Monday 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM- Jennifer Vailcke , Occupational Therapist. Division of Occupational Physiotherapy from Karolinska Institutet conducted a Workshop on Developing Intercultural Competence.May 15,2018 Tuesday 1 - 3:30 pm -&nbsp;Eric Asaba, Occupational Therapist, Division of Occupational Therapy from Karolinska Institutet took a lecture on Photo voice in a context of aging.&nbsp;The lecture was expressing the views on observing the images.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>I would like to share my topics given for lecture,teaching hours and my Lecture schedule.May 2, 2018 Wednesday 10:15 - 10:45 AM -I had spoken on the topic " Rehabilitation in India ".I had spoken about the Role of Physiotherapist in Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Neuro Physiotherapy, Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy and Community Physiotherapy.May 9,2018 Wednesday 1:00 – 1:30 PM -I gave a lecture on the topic “Yoga used in Rehabilitation in India”.The Lecture was about the meaning, origin, types of Yoga and how can it be collabrated with Rehabilitation.2:00 – 4:00 PM : I took a Practical class on Yoga and demonstrated the Yogasanas. The yogosanas taught were Sukhasana, Pranayama, Surya Namaskar, Dandasana, Tadasana, Vrkshasana, Veerabhadrasana, Trikonasana, Setu Bhandasana, Pawanamuktasana, Ashtasarvangasana, Bhujangasana, Makrasana, Dhanurasana and Savasana.May 11, 2018 Friday 1:00- 1:30 PM -I&nbsp;gave a brief lecture on Debate explaining the purpose of the debate, scene setting, time management and role of moderator.The academic debate was on the topic “Self Management versus Rehabilitation supervised by Health professionals”.May 17, 2018 Thursday 1:00-2:00 PM – Dr. Kristina Kindblom, Senior Physiotherapist, Division of Physiotherapy and I gave a lecture to the Physiotherapy staffs of Karolinska Institutet on the topic “Usage of Academic Debate in Physiotherapy Curriculum”.</p>